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A Day in the Life of an Instructional Designer

Maresa Molloy is an Instructional Designer at Aurion Learning. Maresa is also an avid fan of hill-walking and would love to be stuck in a lift with Andy Murray! But mainly she is an Instructional Designer who loves providing people the best learning experiences.  If you have ever wondered what an Instructional Designer is or what they do, then you are in luck! After some…


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Interactive learning making workers versatile


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E learning course says that workers are artists


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Lms Course Endorsing Freud

Let's talk illogical for a second (pardon the frivolity please).

It is a widespread myth that there is no zone beyond rationality. Being rational is a highly discreet act. Yes, it's true that the logical theories always rule the vineyard of human mind. However, things are much more profound than what they seem like. Obvious things are not always the pivotal aspects in making decisions. The obvious is too unsubstantial and won't gratify the demands of tough situations…


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Learning Management Solutions Killing the Halo


Yes, who is this?

Didn't you recognize me?


I am the lethal halo.

Several myopic perceptions affect human judgment. Such effects are so intense that they foster biased perceptions in people. One such defect that affects human rationality is the halo error. It is an instinct in humans that makes them create faulty perceptions. Owing to halo effect, one's opinion about something gets affected by the…


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E-Learning Consulting Firms Emphasize on Managerial Training

Let's begin with an obfuscation for a change.

He has many shades. He plays many characters. He plays each one of them in right places. Inappropriate use of any power is never a part of his business dictionary. He is wise and cool too. This is what helps him in taking judicial decisions for his organization. Too much obfuscation? Let's break the mystery then. The reference here is to any guy who shares a place in the management team of a…


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Game based learning making learning musically beautiful

Never bore your employees in the name of training.

Organizations today need concrete training methods to help employees learn the work culture better. Training is important for keeping the workers informed about the ongoing drifts in the corporate market. The erudition process goes on in a firm till it survives. Employees learn things at every foot step of organizational work. Therefore it is necessary for firms to make the process a fun element in the workplace.…


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Custom e-learning emphasizing on intrinsic value of rewards

A proficient workforce is able to deliver more than the one that is novice. The employees of an organization undergo intensive sessions to gather skills and knowledge. The organization that has skillful people records higher revenues every year. The learning outcome depends largely on quality of training delivered to the workforce. Nowadays organizations lack effective know-how on training techniques. A dull and insipid training session never interests learners. Owing to inefficient training…


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Learning management systems lessening organizational stress

Stress is a subject in itself. From an organizational aspect, stress has many aspects and ramifications. Stress is common in a workplace. This topic has provoked a lot of researchers and organizational experts to explore and analyze its implications. Eminent critics of organizational culture and work ethics have said that the matter deserves attention. According to these prolific minds, stress has a direct correlation with the amount of work assigned to a workforce. If the work assigned to…


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E-learning management teaching you parallel thinking

Wear the Shakespeare hat and rule the world through high cognitive ability. Well, that's the message e-learning consulting services want to propagate all over the organizational arena. Now the question is what is this Shakespeare hat. Well, it is not one hat but collection of hats. It is a high power cognitive hat that helps organizational workers to widen their span of relevance. Edward Bono was one of the great cults in creativity who emphasized on the use of this superior cognitive skill.…


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Training for Success: Learning and Technology Trends

Six out of ten learning and development managers say their training budget is one of the first to be cut when times are hard, according to a report published in Personnel Today. Now more than ever it’s vital that training is closely aligned with key business goals, that the effectiveness of training is properly evaluated and that return on investment is accurately measured.

But no one can deny that workplace training has changed. Where once the role of the training manager focused on…


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E-learning services helping you map your ideas


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