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“Hey, those are MY learning outcomes!”… The endowment effect, e-learning and resilience

The ‘endowment effect’ is the well-known theory in behavioural economics that a sense of ownership makes a big difference to how we think and act. On a transactional level, it means that people will pay more to retain something they already own than to obtain something similar which is owned by someone else even when there is no real cause for attachment.…


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Game on? The use of gamification in e-learning.

by Sarah Sweeney, Marketing Assistant at Aurion Learning.

Many HR and L&D professionals face the problem of ensuring that their training and learning programmes maintain learner engagement and motivation. Gamification has been regularly recognised as an opportunity to help solve this problem.

In this post, we consider whether gamification can enhance the learning experience. Before we consider if it is game on for gamification in learning, it is necessary to…


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Social Learning Tools Making You Enhance Know-How Via Networking

The corporate culture has changed drastically after globalization. Organizations now exist in an arena where the web solves all corporate problems. It is a world where mobile phone has become a backbone to business houses. Social networking sites rule the consumer market. So, analyzing these aspects, e-learning software companies have designed social learning application tools. These application tools help firms create effective knowledgeable experience for workers.…


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Mobile Learning Helps You Learn on the Go

Conventional training methods in organizations fail to boost knowledge of employees. This is a contemporary era. The thing that is buzzing in the corporate world is technology. Workers also have a tilt towards technology-centric platforms for gaining knowledge. Learning management system firms have identified this inclination of organizational workers towards technical gadgets. They have leveraged this situation fully. They have created training software applications that run smoothly on…


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Collaborative Learning Making Your Knowledge Social

Association is the trend now.

Collaborative learning is the process of gaining knowledge without depending on faculties. Gaining knowledge through faculty is an old concept. Today's buzzing trend is knowledge gathered via association. When a group organizational employees get together at one platform for brainstorming, the outcome is exceptionally well. A group of workers take an organizational issue and start discussing the ins and outs of it. Team leaders…


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How to hit the ground running in September! An invitation to benchmark

It looks like it is going to be a busy year for L&D according to some of these early findings from the 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark study. Early analysis of the first 250 Towards Maturity Benchmarkers showed that in the next 12 months:

• 95% are looking to speed up the application of learning

• 95% are still looking to provide a faster response to changing business conditions

• 94% need to improve talent  and performance management

• 92% are looking…


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