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8 Ideas for Exceptional E-Learning Interactivity

Interactivity is what differentiates dull and drab E-Learning from learning that provokes questions, draws in learners and captures information in a memorable way. If you want to create E-Learning that strikes a chord with learners and transforms learning from being a chore into something enjoyable, we’ve gathered eight ideas for exceptional E-Learning interactivity:

1.    Gamify your learning content

The …


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An Effective E-Learning Course – Design Elements for An Instructional Strategy

Learning Managers are needed to understand their specific learning problems and corresponding requirement so that they select right vendor company to develop and deliver the most effective e-learning solution.

Learning or Instructional Strategy is not…


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E-Templates – A new approach in Rapid E-Learning Course Development

Advanced eLearning Authoring Tools have made eLearning Development Easy

The rapid and extensive advances in technology have brought on incredible innovation in all fields of human interest. The impact of the same can be seen in the e-learning space, and these days, this specialized segment is breaking new ground continuously.

With this increasing…


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5 Learning apps that are changing the world

The theme for the United Nation’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty this year is to ‘think, decide and act together against extreme poverty’ so we’ve compiled a list of five learning apps that are working towards this purpose and making a positive impact on the world.

Mobile apps are increasingly popular because they allow learners to tap into on-demand, bite sized and just in time…


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E-Learning and Blended Learning

It is difficult to find one simple solutions for a complex issues. The expectations with regards to performance at work place or at home are complex; we need a blend of various learning solutions to resolve these complex issues. In such a scenario, Blended learning offers a greater chance of success.

Blended learning is not new concepts. In fact, it is…


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Why E-Learning? – A simple analysis

E-Learning industry is witnessing tremendous growth in terms of revenue and application. It has become a synonym for many of the learning requirements in corporates, academics and government institutions. To provide most suitable learning solutions, industry experts exploring and inventing creative methods and approaches such as Custom Learning Solutions,…


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Want to be top in the class when creating assessments?

There are few words that provoke as strong of a reaction amongst young and old alike as when an instructor says, “I’m going to test you on that.” However, the way that many students and instructors view assessments is flawed. By identifying these flaws, you can stand to take the stress out of assessments for you and your students.

There are two main types of…


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Sponge BP Game

Hi All,

Following the great e-learning webinar from Sponge last week, does anyone know how to access the BP Game - when I try the URL that was given, it takes me to a hosting page but then immediately comes up with a hosting 404 error.


I really want to review this as it may help with a current project.

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Apple’s ‘Bendgate’ – E-Learning is a better strategy to avoid product failures

Oooooh it is bending, it is Iphone, it is Apple, Steve Jobs.

It happens with any designer, manufacturer, developer even it has happened with Steve Jobs too in 2010 with Iphone 4 the ‘Antenagate’. To the world at large Steve Jobs is known as a meticulous product manager but still Iphone 4 Antenagate is a reality. In general, people bother about product looks from outside; Steve Jobs was a person who also cares about…


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