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Embrace social learning and increase your engagement...

Embrace Social Learning and Increase Your Engagement...

It is not surprising that people learn best and enjoy learning socially, after all human beings are social animals! There is plenty of research into social learning... …


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Using Storytelling for Learning

We all love a story; it’s part of what we are as human beings. Although storytelling has been around for an age, stories are often not connected to learning activities. In fact, it’s been said that the original learning technologies were the story and the art of conversation.

In recent years, the art of storytelling has made resurgence as people realise the ability…


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Making webinars truly interactive

We're all familiar with the "talk and chalk" style webinar; there's a moderator or host and speaker who presents a bunch of slides with some questions from the audience at the end.  Apart from interaction via text chat in the background or as a back channel, there is no real interaction going on - it's mostly one way.  This is the only practical way of doing things if you have a large group.  But what if you have a smaller, defined group - say 10 or 15 participants?




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Knowledge Retention vs. Behavioural Change

We were recently posed the question; “How can I use E-Learning as a way to create behavioural change and not just knowledge retention?”

As anyone who is involved in creating and implementing a learning strategy will know, there is often a gap between knowing and doing.

Regardless of the quality of the content, the delivery, or the rate of repetition, many learning and development professionals are faced with the challenge of turning knowledge into actions…


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