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4 Types of “Problem” E-Learners and how to deal with them

In an increasingly tech-savvy and budget driven age, the potential for E-Learning is limitless. The key to a successful E-Learning strategy is buy-in by people at all levels of an organisation. Sadly, anyone who has ever delivered an E-Learning programme will know that there will always be people who find transition difficult. We’ve identified four types of E-Learners to watch out for and how to deal with them when you spot them:…


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Big Data, Big Results for E-Learning?

Any data, whether it is big or small can provide a useful insight into learner performance and experience. Whilst big data is nothing new and has been a familiar term for a number of years, we will explore whether big data can improve your E-Learning.

In many circles big data has become a buzz word, but what does it…


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Less Formal Training; More Informal Social Learning

March 12th 2014 marked the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web. Over these last 25 years, we have seen huge technological growth that affects every individual and organisation in society. The way that we communicate and convey information has totally changed. As a result, the ways in which we learn have also changed.

In this post,…


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10 Apps All E-Learning Professionals Need To Have

In the constantly evolving field of E-Learning, it’s essential to keep up-to-date with all of the latest technologies, to be surrounded by enthusiastic people and keep on top of your task list. To help you stay on top of your game, in no particular order, we’ve compiled a list of apps that will help you stay connected, current and enthusiastic about E-Learning:

You can download this infographic …


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Yes We Can? Can Tin Can API Change E-Learning?

There has been a lot of discussion about Tin Can API transforming E-Learning.

Let’s start by debunking the tech-talk.

What is Tin Can?

Tin Can API is a tool that provides the capability to track a learner’s progress both as they move their way through traditional, formal learning and the big, bad world of informal learning that is…


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3 Things Dragon from Shrek teaches us about storytelling

Everyone loves a good fairy tale and we couldn’t resist talking about one of our favourite fairy tales and sharing why we think it contains some great tips for creating original stories.

Although Disney are famous for their fairy tales; at Aurion, we are not all traditional Disney fans, we love doing things differently; just like the team at Dreamworks Animation. To…


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What lesson can #NoMakeupSelfie teach us about marketing E-Learning programmes internally?

Unless you’ve been disconnected from the news, social media or the internet for that matter, you will have noticed the recent flood of ‘no-make-up-selfies’ for cancer research.

So what does a picture of a lady without make up on have to do with marketing E-Learning you say?

Well, first and foremost, it is an initiative to…


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3 Tips on how to Slay Writer’s Block

Today marks World Storytelling Day, an international celebration of the traditional art of storytelling. The theme for 2014 is “Monsters and Dragons.”

Not all of us are however experienced storytellers and have been lucky enough to bestowed the gift of the gab or the penmanship of the great writers. We’d like to think that at some point or another that even those practised and well versed storytellers have contended writers block.

In keeping with the theme of World…


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Five Basic Learning Principles all L&D professionals need to know.

As learning and development professionals, it is our role is to ensure that everyone within our organisation knows and understands the information they require to function effectively and are able to apply it.

With so much content available to us on a daily basis, you can easily get buried under a mountain of it before we even find what we are looking for.  It is very unlikely that we are able to increase the amount of hours in a day; so instead, we’ve compiled a list of five simple…


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The Winter Olympics: A Russian Doll of Stories

Yesterday marked the closing ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Since the beginning of February, the attention of the world has been firmly focused on Sochi.

Viewers were glued to their TV screens, not because they’ve been hiding their love of the luge and curling until this moment but because the Winter Games aren’t so much about sport as they are about storytelling. Adopting the storytelling techniques used in the Winter…


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14 E-Learning statistics you need to know for 2014

We all know that the E-Learning landscape is rapidly changing. With so much information available, staying up-to-date with the latest information and statistics within the industry can be time consuming. To help you get informed, we’ve gathered and summarised 14 statistics from a range of sources in a useful infographic that will inform you about what’s happening in the E-Learning industry this year.…


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Mobile Learning: 'The Times They Are a-Changin'

If you're a learning professional and thinking mobile learning is the next big thing, you are mistaken. Mobile, or M Learning as it is commonly referred to, IS the big thing!

Unless you have been under a rock, (quite obviously with no access to 3G or wifi!) you will be very aware that the use of smart devices is increasing. As the Bob Dylan song goes, 'The Times They Are a-Changin'. The days where learning programmes were designed and built for a 1024 x 768 desktop computer and…


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Tips for Using Stories in E-Learning

In keeping with the storytelling theme from our previous blog post; using storytelling for learning, we discussed how stories can be used for learning and what makes a good story. Often overlooked, stories are a great resource for learning. They are authentic, easy to remember and…


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Using Storytelling for Learning

We all love a story; it’s part of what we are as human beings. Although storytelling has been around for an age, stories are often not connected to learning activities. In fact, it’s been said that the original learning technologies were the story and the art of conversation.

In recent years, the art of storytelling has made resurgence as people realise the ability…


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Knowledge Retention vs. Behavioural Change

We were recently posed the question; “How can I use E-Learning as a way to create behavioural change and not just knowledge retention?”

As anyone who is involved in creating and implementing a learning strategy will know, there is often a gap between knowing and doing.

Regardless of the quality of the content, the delivery, or the rate of repetition, many learning and development professionals are faced with the challenge of turning knowledge into actions…


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Strategy formation is the topic of discussion at our Masterclass: E-Learning journeys

The latest in our series of Masterclasses took place in Glasgow last week. Learning and development, training and HR professionals from over 30 Scottish organisations gathered to explore how…


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Practice what you Preach: Keep Learning.

As L&D and HR professionals, it is in our DNA to help others learn. However with an increase in organisational learning needs and squeeze on staff, budget and other resources, how can you ensure that you also stay on top of your learning game?

In this blog post, we look at the importance of practicing what you preach and consider the benefits of…


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Game on? The use of gamification in e-learning.

by Sarah Sweeney, Marketing Assistant at Aurion Learning.

Many HR and L&D professionals face the problem of ensuring that their training and learning programmes maintain learner engagement and motivation. Gamification has been regularly recognised as an opportunity to help solve this problem.

In this post, we consider whether gamification can enhance the learning experience. Before we consider if it is game on for gamification in learning, it is necessary to…


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A Day in the Life of an Instructional Designer

Maresa Molloy is an Instructional Designer at Aurion Learning. Maresa is also an avid fan of hill-walking and would love to be stuck in a lift with Andy Murray! But mainly she is an Instructional Designer who loves providing people the best learning experiences.  If you have ever wondered what an Instructional Designer is or what they do, then you are in luck! After some…


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Training for Success: Learning and Technology Trends

Six out of ten learning and development managers say their training budget is one of the first to be cut when times are hard, according to a report published in Personnel Today. Now more than ever it’s vital that training is closely aligned with key business goals, that the effectiveness of training is properly evaluated and that return on investment is accurately measured.

But no one can deny that workplace training has changed. Where once the role of the training manager focused on…


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