Converting Technical Manuals into Immersive eLearning Courses for Fortune 500 Company

An American multinational technology company converts its ‘Course Guides’ (Technical Manuals) into engaging eLearning programs.
More than 100 hours of classroom material converted into eLearning
As the learning material was ‘supporting reference manuals’ – client didn’t want to invest more time and cost
Plain learning content to be transformed into engaging and visually-rich eLearning experience for Technical Support Engineers

Requirement Profile
We take pride in providing our eLearning services to our client, a large US Corporation, operating in more than 160 countries. We as custom elearning solutions provider have served the purpose of transforming their ‘Course Guides’ into eLearning programs.

Course guides were in the form of digital documents such as PDFs, PPTs, Word documents, etc. – containing text pages or slides, screenshots, images showcasing hardware devices, charts and tables presenting statistical analysis. These guides were serving as offline learning material for internal workforce (Technical Support Engineers) working on corresponding technologies.

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