Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2015

It’s that time already folks! It is the eve of the Learning Technologies Summer Forum, even though it doesn’t feel like five minutes ago we were at Olympia in January. As usual we will be doing our best to bring you everything from the backchannel via a carefully selected team of crack tweeters who will be assembling Avengers-style on Tuesday morning.

Tune in…

Each session at the conference has an individual hashtag that will be used in addition to the main #LTSF15 hashtag. So if you’re following using TweetChat or a similar application, you can search on the specific sessions to keep your focus on a particular topic. Below is a list of these hashtags and which of our tweeters is covering those sessions. Hopefully you can use this to filter the stream of tweets and hone in on any areas of interest during the event. Note, the keynote won’t have an individual hashtag. For the full conference programme, click here.

This year’s backchannel will be brought to you by:

Kate Graham – @kategraham23
Michelle Parry-Slater – @MiPS1608
Nic Laycock – @alc47
Sam Burrough – @burrough
Susie Finch – @susiefinch
Tanya Randall – @TanyaR2020

Keynote: The power of play – transforming work, learning and creativity

Deborah Frances-White is an author, coach and screenwriter and will be exploring techniques for instigating effective play, and explores how games can help in learning. She is also a stand up comedian so it promises to be an entertaining session! There won’t be an individual hashtag for this session, just tune in via #LTSF15.

Session 1: 11.15 – 12.15

* #T1S1 – The social bridge: from formal learning to practical application, Julian Stodd (Covered by Nic Laycock and Sam Burrough)
* #T2S1 – Changing behaviour with high impact video, Gemma Critchley and Mark Davies (Covered by Susie Finch)
* #T3S1 – React or Proact? That is the question for workplace L&D, Nigel Paine and Andrew Jacobs (Covered by Michelle Parry-Slater and myself)
* #T4S1 – Making your LMS work hard for you, Andy Wooler (Covered by Tanya Randall)

Lunchtime session: 12.15 – 13.30

For the first time, Learning Technologies is hosting a panel session at lunchtime with a focus on women in learning and development. This is an exciting development that has proved popular during registration for the event. It will be chaired by Sharon Kaliouby and includes Barbara Thompson of BP, Binnaz Cubukcu from IKEA and Sarah Malone from the Post Office. Be sure to check it out via the special hashtag #WLD.

Session 2: 13.30 – 14.30

* #T1S2 – Emerging technologies, future learning, Donald Clark (Covered by Michelle Parry-Slater and Nic Laycock)
* #T2S2 – 10 design ideas for your next elearning project, Gill Chester (Covered by Susie Finch and Tanya Randall)
* #T3S2 – Making the right start with mobile delivery, Asi de Gani and Sareena Randhawa (Covered by Sam Burrough)
* #T4S2 – Practical tips for maximising your impact and influence, Sheena Whyatt (Covered by yours truly)

Session 3: 15.00 – 16.00

* #T1S3 – Tackling performance issues with well-designed blended learning, Clive Shepherd (Covered by me)
* #T2S3 – More myths and facts about the brain and learning, Christian Jarrett (Covered by Susie Finch and Tanya Randall)
* #T3S3 – Opening new conversations with business leaders – it’s time for action! Laura Overton (Covered by Nic Laycock and Sam Burrough)
* #T4S3 – Less is more: getting the business to stop adding more content to your courses, Binnaz Cubukcu (Covered by Michelle Parry-Slater)

Up Periscope

In an ongoing effort to innovate what we do with the backchannel, we are introducing Periscope this year. I will be interviewing speakers after their sessions and live streaming via Periscope in a scheduled sequence below.

• 9.20 – Pre-going on stage ‘behind the curtain’ with Don Taylor
• 11.00 – Deborah Frances-White
• 12.20 – Nigel Paine and Andrew Jacobs (Learning Strategy)
• 12.30 – View from the expo
• 13.40 – Women in L&D panel
• 14.40 – Asi De Gani and Sareena Randhawa (Mobile Learning)
• 16.10 – Clive Shepherd (Blended Learning)
• 16.20 – Don Taylor wraps things up

If you haven’t had a chance to play with Periscope yet, it is extremely easy to use. You can download the app for iOS and Android now, but the beauty is that to watch a live stream, you don’t have to have the app installed on your device. We will share the links via Twitter and you can simply click on the link to watch the stream.

However, if you do download the app, search for the Learning Technologies account (@LT15UK) and follow it. You will then get a notification on your device when live streams commence so you can tune straight in via the app.

Look forward to seeing you in the stream on Tuesday folks and as always, let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can bring the best in learning via the backchannel.


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Comment by Barbara Lister on June 17, 2015 at 11:51


Many thanks for yesterday.

Re T2S3 this is a link to more on confidence based marking 


It is now a question behaviour within Moodle 2.9 (and possibly some earlier versions)




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