Is it really five months since the learning community descended on west London for Learning Technologies? Well it must be, for this week sees the Learning and Skills Group Summer Conference open its doors on Tuesday 17 June. Run by the same fabulous team, this event is designed to explore some of the main themes from the January event, the monthly webinar series and online discussions on the Learning and Skills Group community site.

There are lots of different types of session including auditorium sessions, café sessions, workshops and seminars, all with the common theme of interaction and engagement. Plus, the Summer Forum exhibition runs alongside the conference giving attendees a chance to meet suppliers and see what's new.

Uniquely this year, I've pulled together the back channel team for this event but won't actually be there myself. Alas, a flight to Crete was booked long before the date was confirmed but my crack team of tweeters will be there to bring you everything you need to follow what's happening whether you can attend in person or not. Below is all you need to know to make the most of what's going on.

The team

Here are the details for the dream team who will all be attending sessions throughout the day and bringing you insights and resources from across the conference. If you don't already follow them on Twitter, go forth, find and follow.

Don Taylor (Conference Chairman) - @DonaldHTaylor
Learning Technologies official feed - @LT14UK
Learning and Skills official feed - @LAS14UK
Martin Belton - @martinb66
Barbara Thompson - @CaribThompson
Alex Watson - @s0ngb1rd
Kim George - @kimsgeorge
Marco Faccini - @marcoable
Mark Bradshaw - @memarkyb
Susie Finch - @susiefinch

You can also follow Ascot Communications (@ascot_comms) for reminders on who's covering which sessions, when and other general signposting messages and updates.


This year's conference features four tracks and over 20 speakers discussing current learning topics as diverse as video in learning, storytelling and MOOCs. To follow what's happening across the event, you need to tune into the hashtag #LTSF14. Try and use this if you’re tweeting (whether you’re there or not!) The team is keen to be able to bring your thoughts and questions into sessions even if you’re not able to be there.

So we can cut through some of the ‘noise’ on Twitter, each conference session will also have its own individual hashtag so you can just tune into what individual speakers are saying. For example, someone might tweet: Laura Overton says 72% of organisations regularly undertake employee engagement surveys #LTSF14 #T2S1 You get the idea. For the full conference programme click here and see below for individual session details.

Keynote: Open - how we will work, live and learn in the future, David Price OBE #OA1

Session one: 11.15 - 12.15

  • Three tech trends that could change learning forever - Donald Clark #T1S1 (Covered by Marco Faccini and Barbara Thompson)
  • Grabbing the attention of time starved learners - Laura Overton #T2S1 (Covered by Alex Watson)
  • Creativity and the art of learning leadership - Doug Shaw #T3S1 (Covered by Kim George, Mark Bradshaw and Susie Finch)
  • How to design and deliver a corporate MOOC - Martin Couzins #T4S1 (Covered by Martin Belton)

Session two: 13.30 - 14.30

  • Transforming organisational learning - Jane Hart #T1S2 (Covered by Mark Bradshaw and Alex Watson)
  • How to capture your audience with stories - Deborah Frances-White #T2S2 (Covered by Kim George and Barbara Thompson)
  • Level up your learners with games - Kris Swanson #T3S2 (Covered by Marco Faccini)
  • Making learning stick - Mark Edwards #T4S2 (Covered by Martin Belton and Susie Finch)

Session three 15.00 - 16.00

  • The big shift: changing how we think about learning - Nigel Paine #T1S3 (Covered by Barbara Thompson and Mark Bradshaw
  • Making mobile learning work - Terence Eden #T2S3 (Covered by Marco Faccini)
  • Video for learning - Mark Davies and Mark Copeman #T3S3 (Covered by Kim George and Alex Watson)
  • Design thinking: more than a process - Sam Burrough #T4S3 (Covered by Martin Belton)


As well as giving attendees an opportunity to talk to suppliers and see some solutions and demos in action, there is also a packed free seminar programme within the exhibition. There isn't structured coverage of this but no doubt the exhibitors will provide resources and information about their chosen topics so stay tuned to the main event hashtag #LTSF14 for details.


If you're not already a part of the LSG online community, it's open all year round and available for you to join here.

Please do get stuck in and ask questions via the back channellers, air your opinions and share useful links and resources. It's always a lively event online with so much value for everyone involved - and every contribution counts.

I hope you enjoy another fantastic event and I look forward to tuning into the back channel from my sun lounger before returning with a vengeance for next January.


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