Supporting Learning in the Flow of Work

Today, corporate training is all about – ‘Out of the training room and into the flow of work’. Organizations are working towards changing their approaches in delivering learning and reshaping their learning models to deliver meaningful content, which is accessible as just-in-time training to support employee development. 

In this blog, I will help you determine how organizations can blend learning as a part of the daily workflow. 

What Is Learning In The Flow Of Work? 

The phrase “learning in the flow of work” was coined by Josh Bersin, a Corporate HR and Learning Analyst in the USA. It refers to easily accessible and engaging nuggets of learning during  work, which will maximize productivity, reduce burn out, and improve employee morale. 

Josh Bersin describes it as the “new paradigm for corporate training” because learning is embedded into work. Learning in the flow of work acknowledges that learning should fit into the work-life of an employee. The solutions that help to learn in the flow of work mainly focus on learning opportunities throughout the employee’s working day. 


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