Hi, we are hoping to design an in house accelerated learning programme aimed at both new employees and internal promotions to accelerated their learning and smooth their transition into the new role. I would be delighted if any of you could share experiences working with/developing similiar programmes. Thanks. Michelle

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Give everyone a mentor for the critical first 6 months to help transfer the learning into action and sort out issues and confusions.
Get them to keep a learning diary to note what they learned and where there are issues. This could form the basis of the mentor conversations.

Allow the new recruits to meet and discuss experiences every few weeks. It is amazing how much they can support each other.

Make it clear to newly promoted staff that it is okay to not know everything and set them or get someone to set some short term tasks along with their longer terms objectives. Crossing these off can boost confidence. AND give plenty of feedback in the first months too. Everyone (especially those starting a new job) need to know they are doing okay.
Hi Nigel
Thanks for your response, please keep all the good info coming, every little bit helps!
Nigel's suggestion of mentoring has worked well in our organisation. Encouraging staff to reflect on what they have learnt to date keeps the focus off what milestones are still to be climbed. Giving positive feedback can encourage staff to keep pressing on. Know and show for new staff allows them to show what they have learnt to date.
We're using a bunch of techniques to get new hires up-to speed in their first 3 months. A few things that have worked:
* Colocated context setting sessions for new recruits to familiarise themselves with our culture, business, ways to drive their career, seek feedback and to learn on the job.
* A new hire portal that charts out what they can expect during their probation period, social and on-demand learning modes/resources and events they can attend.
* A career coach who helps new hires not only feel at home but also think through their career objectives and stay connected with the rest of the organisation. The coach maintains a personal development plan with the new hire, which we can review at the end of the probation period.
* A project mentor who helps the new hire get onboarded efficiently onto the gig.

The key however is continuous feedback. We'e been trying to foster a culture of open feedback in the organisation, so that a new hire keeps getting feedback on things she's doing well and could do better. That creates a state of pain for them to learn and improve their skills. In such situations, they head to the LMS or the organisational wiki or the communities of practice.
Thanks Paula & Sumeet
My official start date for this project is today! Must have aprogram outline in place and ready to pilot by March 31st !!!!! Do you think it's doable? All support greatly welcomed. Our VP of Ops is watching this one closely.



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