Was wondering if anyone has seen a good template for an Acceptable Use Policy for Collaborative Learning.  The solution we are using has a collaboration suite of blogs, wikis and discussion forums for internal use.  The solution also as an "Access the Expert" service using the same suite but linking out to an external provider and accesed by other organisations.  Any help, much appreciated.

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Hi Peter
I'm wrestling with exactly the same problem - please can you share any insights that come?
Will do Nic
Hi Peter,

I am in the process of writing this. Web 2.0 services offer attractive and useful applications services (Blogs, wikis, office systems, social bookmarking and social networking) to mention but a few. Use of such services however must comply with the policy. I have put some extracts below.

I hope this helps


This section sets out guidelines for the use of online communication within the xxxxxxxxx Campus. Online communication is varied and can include moderated discussion, email, announcements, instant relay chat, instant messaging, blogs, wikis, voice over IP, podcasting etc:

Different formats of online communications may have specific requirements and purposes but in general, all forms of online communication should adhere to the following guidelines:

• Participants should always be courteous and professional in online communications.
• All methods of communications should contain no material which could be deemed as being offensive. For example, material that is sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, pornographic, paedophilic or similarly discriminatory and/or offensive.
• Similarly, material that is defamatory, libellous, harassing or threatening should not be used.
• No abusive language should be used.
• Any material which is deemed to be inappropriate will be removed and an investigation held. Disciplinary action will be taken against persons not adhering to these on-line principles.

Wiki Pages

Wikis are groups of web pages which allow anyone who has access to them to contribute or modify content. They can be used to facilitate collaborative work including problem solving, file sharing and working on assignments and documents.

Wiki pages are to be controlled by a Wiki Editor (a Subject Matter Expert SME). Wiki Editors, Learners, Teachers and Managers can update the information, diagrams and written text contained in the Wiki pages but these submissions will not ‘go live’ until they have been reviewed and approved by the wiki editor.


The xxxxxx Campus wikis have the facility to keep records of individual contributions so it is possible for Wiki Editors to see the participation levels of specific students. This is a useful tool for monitoring individual contributions as part of assessments. Making students aware that these record keeping tools exist could also motivate them to make contributions.
Hi Peter,

Here are some general principles

General Conditions

• The use of the xxxxx Campus network services must at all times comply with the law
• Learners and administrators must not access any program or data which has not been specifically authorised for your use
• Learners and administrators must not use or copy any data or program belonging to other users without their express and specific permission
• Learners and administrators must not alter computer material belonging to another user without the user’s permission
• Learners and administrators must not use xxxxxxx Campus network services to harass, defame, libel, slander, intimidate, impersonate or otherwise abuse another person
• Learners and administrators must not use xxxxxxx Campus services for the creation, collection, storage, downloading or displaying of any offensive, obscene, indecent or menacing images, data or material capable of being resolved into such
• Learners and administrators must not use the xxxxxxx network services to conduct any form of commercial activity without express permission.
• Learners and administrators must not use the xxxxxxx network to disseminate mass (unsolicited) mailings
• Use of the xxxxxxx Campus for commercial work is not allowed.
• In general, use of xxxxxxx Campus network should be for learning, research, teaching or the administrative purposes of xxxxxxx
Wow Richard, thanks for sharing this, great support!
Hi chaps. Very interested in this thread and good to see Richard's work so thanks for sharing that.

Does anyone offer access to these sorts of tools both inside work and outside? In other words, where there is potential for someone to upload confidential material in the office and then download it at home? Have you managed to construct acceptable usage policies (or other mechanisms) that overcome information security concerns?
Hi Chris,

Try this


Remote Access

Remote access to the xxxxxxx campus network is possible via the Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN)). Remote access from external networks or across the Internet must be made via secure methods only. Connections via VPN are considered direct connections to the campus network. As such, using the VPN service or generally accessing services remotely, subjects the user to the same conditions, requirements and responsibilities of this policy. All connection attempts are logged.

Monitoring and Logging

Activities regarding network transactions will be monitored and logged and kept for an appropriate amount of time. Logs are taken for reasons of security, diagnostic and account/audit reasons. Logs are available only to authorised systems personnel and kept for no longer than necessary and in line with current data protection guidelines.
Yeah this is good stuff, thank you. Currently the prospect of releasing these tools is just creating jumpy colleagues!

I have a no-tolerance policy for flaming & require netiquette. I put the info above the fold in normal font & link it to Wikipedia. Anyone caught in the act simply gets the message posted in their thread. If it's bad, they are banned.

In college classes, I'll also require attribution. It's good bibliography practice for first and second years.



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