Can anyone help me understand how you assess the accessibility of an e-learning course?  I'm trying to find guidelines that are specific to e-learning but I seem to only be able to find guidelines relating to web design.


Also, what should be the evaluation criteria for assessing usability in e-learning courses that would be sensible and practical?


All help will be very gratefully received!  Thanks.  Julie.

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Hi Mark

The developers are looking seriously at HTML, CSS and Javascript and fully agree with you. Version 2 will probably be developed differently, but meanwhile we need to continue with the Flash version ..... It's a learning experience! (and what I am learning will be useful on othe projects I am sure!)

I have found the stuff you pointed me at very helpful, Thank you. bws, J.
Hi Julie,

Interesting question. I have emailed a colleague of mine who has had a lot of experince in the accessiblity field. But I see that mark has already fed some useful content back.

All additional help and experience will be gratefully received Cat! bws, J.
Hi Julie

Do you mean accessibility in terms of whether someone has a sight impairment etc, or was this a more technical question? If sight/sound/learning impairment / difficulty, the old Equality and Human Rights Commission probably has guiance, but RNID, RNIB, and other charities representing special interest groups could probably help. I do have a tiny bit of knowledge in this area, let me know if you want to explore further and I'll let you have contact details.

Good luck!

Hi Julie and everyone

I'd like to reiterate what Mark has mentioned in the use of Xerte. This is a fantastic software that is free and by using the choice of templates it makes anybody (and I mean anybody!) a creator of impressive e-learning content.

Over the past 10 years I have experimented with various content creation software and wouldn't turn back to them now at all. My e-learning objects are made only using Xerte.

I regularly create content for clients. A current client is an Awarding Body who wishes to impress and appeal to people by using the benefits that Xerte offers..

I use Xerte because it offers 'on the fly' changes according to your needs eg if you are dyslexic you can change the coloured backgrounds to be pink, yellow, blue or if you wish to high contrast. There is also a chance to change the font type and size. So although a client might prefer a house style of Arial the user can change to Comic Sans if they wish.

If you have mobility issues then each slide allows the user to use the tab key - even with the drag and drop activity (and there's no other software that can do that)

It has inbuilt screen reader functionality so when using IE you can have each slide read to you. A contents list is automatically created as you produce the slides and this helps anyone jump to slides if they wish.

The choice of interactive templates means you can produce a variety of 'check your learning' type slides and a wider choice than commercial creator software. I like the 'hotspot' template.

Like Dave Trevenna (see a previous comment) I am a JISC TechDis Accredited Trainer - hand picked team of individuals selected for our expertise and knowledge about accessibility and the use of IT, so please do let me know if you wish for guidance. I can show you examples of Xerte objects - not just the example on the Notts Uni website - and I can show you how easily they embed into learning platform.

Happy to do a screen share with anyone to show you how to get going.


Many thanks for your post and for the information on Xerte. I think it would be very useful to look at this software. Would you be able to do this sometime in October with me?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Hi Julie

Certainly! I can do 6th Oct, 12th or 14th if those dates are good. Suggest 10am or 1pm for 45 mins to show you the templates etc

Am happy to do a 1:1 but if anyone else would like to join I'll set up as a virtual classroom or small Skype conference call and screen share a presentation.

Don't know if this helps, but we put a link on our e-lessons to a survey to get feedback from the users themselves. Its annonymous and voluntary.
Hi TIm

NIce idea, I might try that - what survey software are you using? Survey-Monkey or similar or is it an in-house thing? I think it could be really helpful to get some anonymous usability feedback from real learners as opposed to lab based ones.

Cheers J.



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