I have started a secondment with a disability charity who wish to to develop some of their own elearning. As a disability charity they want to ensure that any elearning they create is fully accessible which means users with mobility problems can use a keyboard to navigate, those with impaired sight can use a screenreader etc

I have previously done elearning design and development using Toolbook, Articulate, Captivate and a little bit of Lectora but have never made it fully accessible. Articulate would be the obvious choice for the charity to use as it is so simply to learn and they could quickly get some elearning created however it is very difficult to make it accessible and there is currently lots of lobbying of Articulate to try and get them to make the output much more accessible to all.

I am interested if anyone out there on this forum has been involved in recent projects to create accessible elearning and what authoring tools you used and also what were your challenges?

Thanks Sally

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Hi Sally


Have you spoken to http://www.abilitynet.co.uk/  they specialise in giving advice on this type of thing and I have used them in Parliament.  The team is very friendly and is always able to assist.  Ill message you my contact details





I'd add my vote to  Xerte http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xerte/ If you use the toolkit you can train others to use the tools when your secondment is over so it ticks the accessibility boxes both in terms of helping others to author and in terms of accessibility for people with disabilities.  The support for the toolkit is also very good.



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