I recently started working for a new company (in a different sector) and can't believe how many three letter acronyms there are for new employees to get to know. Has anyone in the group got experience of implementing a low cost and easy to use technology that would host an acronyms database? In addition to having a pre loaded A-Z of terms we would ideally like employees to be able to add new ones directly which would be self moderated.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!


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Just wanted to thank everyone for their advice. We have worked with our IT team and are going to go down the Sharepoint route (to fit in with existing strategy and ensure accessability across the organisation). Will get first draft in January so fingers crossed!


Have a lovely christmas!



went live in March with our 'Litle Jargon Buster' as part of a wider upgrade to our intranet (using Sharepoint) so thanks again for all your advice!



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