Hi everyone

I've been working with Captivate now for a few years and I produce a lot of Interactive content. I'm always slightly disappointed with the current batch of books on Captivate as they seem to focus on how to add text, or images, or make a template and so on. However I've never really read one that takes users on a step-by-step guide on how to plan and make interactive exercises for learners.

I'm thinking about making a self-published eBook on the topic, but I thought before I spend a lot of time on this, I'd put the question out to the community; is this something that would be of interest/use to eLearning designers out there, and if so, what sort of interactions would be of interest to you?



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Hi Paul,

I'm relatively new to Captivate, so I would be very interested. I've completed some of the training videos on Lynda.com, and I use the eLearning Brothers Templates, which I adapt to suit my needs. However, I agree there is very little content available on Captivates interactivity functions. I played around with advanced actions and had some success (and failures which is frustrating). I would like to know more about advanced Actions and especially what can be done with conditional actions.

Best of luck with the eBook.



Hi Sean

Thanks for the suggestion. Advanced Actions can be a bit confusing to get your head around, especially the if/else criteria, and especially if you are using multiple tabs to check for different things.

Captivate seems to run through the choices in a left to right order, and if you change any of the variables early on, the new value will be used later in the action. Also, the else criteria refers explicitly to the if criteria you are checking, which can lead to some confusion.

Hope this gives you a few clues about what could be going wrong.


Yes, That would be very welcome. It would be good to see how to add games elements into Captivate so that objects are collected as questions are answered and "player" health is lost or gained.  I don't know if this would be outside the scope of your book as the problem we have is storing the learners progress in Captivate so using variables may be a topic? Other than that the drag and drop interactions have loads of variations that might be interesting to explore,

Good luck with the writing, I look forward to hearing about the book.  Many thanks, Janet

Hi Janet

That's a good idea. It's not something I do at the moment, but the logic of it would work with Advanced Actions in Captivate. I'll add it to my list of ideas.


I would suggest some words on how to approach/ use Captivate - sort of like a guide to workflow and process. 

I've been using programmers or Articulate products for most of my career. I tried Captivate last year, because of the promise of responsive content (I prefer this to Articulate's championing of the "Adaptive" content). 

However, I couldn't get my head around how to approach the software. I'm sure this sounds pretty basic to most people, but honestly, having never had to deal with it (in nearly 20 years), I just didn't really know where to start, and the tutorials didn't help much, as they all seem to assume you know how Adobe products "think".

Best of luck with the book, and please do let us know when it's available!

Hi Brendan

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't tend to use the breakpoints in Captivate as I'm not really targeting smaller screens right now, but I have experimented with it in the past. It's not the easiest place to start exploring Captivate from, if you are still thinking about using the software, it would be much easier to get to grips with the normal projects first, and then how to use the responsive elements.




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