At LSG 2010 in one of the many useful side discussions someone told me about a full trial version of Adobe Connect that was available for $33.  I've had a look on the Adobe site but cannot find it, does anyone have the link? - I know there is a free trial but this is limited in the size of audience.

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You used to be able to get an annual subscription for $395 (which is $33 per month), but as far as I'm aware the cheapest option now is $540 ($45 per month).

Hi Brian,

It is $45 dollars per month, but you can pay on a monthly basis giving you more control depending on your usage. If someone wanted to do a one-off webinar or have no plans for August and December then this is ideal to reduce the cost to a justifiable $33.

Here is the link just in case...

It's only $45 per month if you pay annually, but goes up to $55 per month if you want a monthly contract.
You are right Barry :-)
Unfortunately :(
Hmm very odd.

I have been testing Connect for a few months now with free accounts. When one ends I simply started another.

Here's the link:

I have finally purchased the full solution and find it wonderful.


Hi Tony

I'm with you on that. We kept extending our free trial until we were happy to purchase. Adobe were very accommodating and understanding.


Hi Julie, et al

Many thanks.

As far as I can see the free trial only allows 5 users which is 2 too few for the trial I want to run. But $55 for a month isn't too extravagant. I'll have to bite the bullet.
The free trial is still available but I thnk you are limited in the size of audience you can have.



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