Any experience implementing this? From your experiences what were the issues/limitations from both implementation view point and cost.


what are my choices?

  • voice over artist / studio = expensive
  • text to speech software - does not always sound natural

Is there anything I have missed?

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Hi Talat

You don't say where you are.

We use a mixture of hired actors and volunteers for staged training events. The rate we pay is £150 per day for the professionals and £100 for the volunteers. (We don't pay anyone whose NHS employer is also paying them for the day). We get professionals by asking local theatre groups.

Hi Barbara,

I'm based in Milton Keynes and courses we develop are deployed in 22 countries!!

Thanks for the info!
I was also going to suggest trying local theatre groups, amateur thespians often make great voice over artists/narrators and are likely to be pretty cheap :-)
Hi Talat,

We do voice over in house. The important thing is clarity of voice and quality of recording. An understandable accent is a plus too. The advice I can give is this: get people to practice, get people used to their own voice and get a Blue Snowball mic. They're lovely :)
Thanks Andy,

Seems like most of this is done in-house, basd o the feedback received so far!

Have a look at the OU site PC4study: I helped to write the material a few years ago, but it is still relevant. It's aim is to provide advice and guidance to OU students, but you might find some of the information useful.

All the best with your recordings

Very helpful site Natasha. Also worth a look are the BBC online resources at



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