Can anyone out there give me some advice regarding creating an e-handbook? 

Whilst I say book, I want it to have pictures and be visually engaging - not just text - so maybe more like a magazine. Would like flippy pages and easy content links as it will be quite a big document. Hope to engage sponsors so will need to be able to have links to their websites accessible through the document.

Is there any free software anyone can recommend that will help me produce something on Mac that can then be used by Mac and android?

As you can probably tell....this is a new one on me! Any help or advice welcomed.

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Hi Gwyneth,

Flipboard is beautiful and offers a lot of that functionality but I believe it's only available on mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad) - anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Alternatively you could us something like Yudu which I think works on Macs and definitely works on Android. They have a free option: I think you only pay if you want to sell you publication online.

Good luck

Hi Gwyneth, 

If you want something very simple you could create it in Word and save as PDF.



I tend to agree with Nigel,

From what you are describing it sounds as if PDF would be perfect for you: 

- It is a native format of the Mac (so you can create it with practically any software that can print).

- It will run on practically any platform with a free app.

- It can contain images, animations and text (it can actually even contain interactions and forms but I suggest you take it one step at a time).

- It can contain web links (which will be opened by the device browser).

Rather than using Word I would actually look at Apple's iBooks author which is free and can push your output a level beyond word (if you are confident enough - if not the current Word has some great templates).

Flippy pages are a feature of the reader functionality (there are a number out there).

Your other option is to go with an e-pub file but I cannot see what advantages that can offer you.

I hope this helps, we've done some research in the field and were happy to stick to PDF since other formats offered little advantages.


Hi Gwyneth

Just a late suggestion to add to the Word or pdf ideas. There is a site which will do the page-turning thing you wanted. It looks very high-end but some colleagues used it with MS Publisher (Their papers are





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