We've been using 50 lessons for the past two years - online 5 min videos from various business leaders sharing their reflections.

I wondered if anyone used an alternative resource (preferrably more British-based) that they would recommend? We do have SkillSoft coming in to pitch for their Leadership Channel.




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Hi Ann,

You could also look at:
a) CMI's Management Direct - http://mdexperience.managers.org.uk/
b) The Working Manager - http://www.theworkingmanager.com/

excellent Mark, thanks for this
Hi Ann,

Something I have used personally - it's on youtube and it's free - is Dale Carnegie video snippets; just search for "Secrets to Success - Dale Carnegie" on youtube.com
sadly youtube is blocked internally so we won't be able to use it as a corporate resource but I'll have a look myself.



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