Any experience with the SAP Learning Solution authoring tool?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience of using the SAP Learning Solution "authoring" tool to aggregate content from various elearning authoring tools?

We're trying to prepare a set of guidelines for people in our company. They use a whole range of elearning authoring tools, like AtlanticLink, Lectora, Captivate, Articulate etc. We need to find out what settings within these tools work best when the content is imported into SAP.

If you can give me any pointers to experts in how the SAP tool works or some guidelines on its use, I'd be very grateful.



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Hi Mark,

I've seen a demo of SAP Productivity Pak which we decided against implementing due to its reliance on a comprehensive server structure & framework to hold the content - the cost made this prohibitive but it did look a fairly good product. At the moment we use a simulation authoring tool from Jenison called Visual Course Builder which does a good job for us as it is fully interactive and able to include fairly robust learner assessments. We are currently planning on re-implementing SAP HR, Procurement & Finance modules across our entire organisation and also introducing MSS & ESS so we have a major project underway. I have a challenge in that the training consultant brought in for the project is trying to take the training down the path of delivering what I can best describe as "trainer led synchronised e-learning" via a powerpoint presentation - very bizarre - so will be interested to hear how you decide to proceed.

Kind regards

Hi Julie,

I've just reread your response here. Your training consultant's approach is quite reasonable to be honest. Using synchronous webinars can be a very effective way of getting across new ways of doing things. In particular, it offers the chance for much more person-person interaction than is offered by a typical elearning approach.

Hi Mark,

Absolutely agree - I'm not against e-learning as an effective delivery methodology or using webinars or anything else come to that - however I am against dragging delegates half way across a County and taking them off the job to go into a formal classroom setting when they are expecting to have hands on practice of using a new system to go through a glorified powerpoint presentation in tandem with a fully qualified trainer - which also does not include any assessment or evaluation of either the learning received or measure of ability to perform in their roles, so I'm still continuing to struggle I'm afraid but I'll let you know how go-live goes!

Many thanks

Hi Julie,

Sorry, I misunderstood you. What you've described does seem a very odd use of time!


Yes I have usee SAP Productivity Pak. It is verry inflexible, bandwidth 'heavy' but the context sensitive help function is excellent

SAP Productivity Pak is designed to automate the development and delivery of learning materials, test scripts, process documentation, and end-user performance support resources. It provides sophisticated means for producing a variety of content types in multiple formats and languages and for maintaining and adapting this content over time.

I used it first to produce the process documents which in turn were used to produce the test scripts and following this the training materials

The on-line simulations and training materials are 'very dry' and functional
Thanks Julie, Richard,

I'm aware of the Productivity Pak. That's used for creating the materials. However I'm interested in the SAP tool that aggregates externally created content (ie. SCORM packages) with assessments and other learning materials.

Have you used that?


SAP do naot have a tool that will do this
Hi Richard,

They do. See: where it says:

The SAP Enterprise Learning environment contains the following components:

... Authoring environment to support the creation of tests and structuring of eLearning content
... Content management system (CMS) to store and manage learning content

It's these two bits I'm interested in.

There is a book about it (An introduction to the SAP Learning Solution's Authoring Environment), which we may have to get. Has anyone got any reviews of it before we splash out $159 on a book!



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