Any recommendations for a solution for tracking compliance training.

Hi all,


Many thanks for recent responses to my request for e-learning partners. Some great leads for me to work with.


I now have a new request for recommendations. We are looking for a solution to help with targeting and tracking legal compliance training. Main criteria we are looking for includes:


- Automated, targeted email launch from customised address.

- Timed follow-up reminders for non-completion to learner and their line managers

- Line managers to receive consolidated list of the completion for all team members

- Weekly admin status reports on completion

- Audit trail of sent email reminders (learners and line managers)


Some compliance modules also contain an additional affidavit section that requires completion. The solution needs to compile these responses with any supporting comments.


Our LMS has limited support for these requirements but would require heavy customisation to provide an adequate solution.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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We have a system in NHS Wales created by McKesson. The LMS was an add on to the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system and as such has required quite a lot of retrospective structural work to get it how we wanted it. As the ESR is also our payroll system, everything we do in the LMS part links directly back to staff and management structure. This is great for some things but also a problem if say a department restructures and job roles change - thus potentially meaning the assigned competancies are no longer relevant. The hard part was assigning competancies to each and every member of staff - no mean feat for over 16,000 staff! Competancies had to firstly be assigned to each course on the LMS then to staff groups or individuals. All attendance and non attendance of courses has to be recorded on the LMS and renewal periods picked up within the compentancy structural work. In order to report realtime compliance it meant we had to put in retrospective attendance for the period before the system was implemented - or we would have had to wait up to two years to get certain reports!

So in a nutshell, the structure of the system and the links that it has to interfacing systems which provide critical info (eg staffing details) need careful consideration in advance. Trying to fit it into the round hole afterwards can be extremely time consuming. I have to say though, the system is working well for us now and also links in with the equality & diversity protected characteristics from the staffing part so we can also provide reports on that too. Havent yet got the email facility you mention but the reports are really useful for sending out direct to department managers on a monthly basis.

Dear Gwyneth,


Your frustration with ESR in relation to Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Competency setting by Position is shared by all our NHS clients.


Our clients use the Rule Strategy Data Mining Algorithm to produce accurate TNA using their ESR data. Instead of managing thousands of ESR competencies at Position level only, in comparison the Rule Strategy Data Mining Algorithm reduces TNA to just a few hundred Rules.


Today, one of NHS clients with nearly 10,000 staff reported a reduction of 60% (ESR Competencies by Positions) for Safeguarding Children Level 2 Training, to Rules which were produced within a few minutes using the Rule Strategy Data Mining Algorithm.


These Rules feed into NHS Trusts own compliance reporting systems, such as Skills for Health's WIRED platform or internal QlikView or SAP Business Objects data warehouse systems.


Take a look at our website to see how this is achieved


I can connect you with some of our NHS clients if you are interested in hearing first hand what they think about the Rule Strategy Data Mining Algorithm.


With kind regards

Joan Knight



We are using and I think it provides all the requirements you mentionned (e.g: automated mapping of population with certain e-learnings, invitation emails, automatic reminder, reports to the administrator). Like you we do have a corporate LMS (SAP) that does not do what LRN do out-of-the-box.  I am not the person in charge so I have no idea of the full functionalities and cost. I think LRN has also designed some of the courses for us.

I hope it helps,



Hi Nick,

You might want to take a look at Seminar Knowledge Centre . It is used by a number of our clients in both the legal and other sectors to deliver and track compliance training. It includes all of the features that you list above plus many more including support for mobile delivery.


If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me at or on 01223 310233, alternatively click here to take the Knowledge Centre test drive.


Best Regards


Howard Steed

Hi Nick, 

A bit late, but my company recently released software called ANCILE uAlign. It sounds like a perfect fit for what you are looking for. 

From our website, Key Features:

Push out critical information, prioritize channel and campaign messages, and check knowledge.

  • Create messages with text, links, audio, video, images, attachments, read receipts, and knowledge checks
  • Create channels to broadcast messages to specific organizational groups or teams
  • Create campaigns to automatically deliver a series of messages in a specific order, with predetermined start and due dates
  • Analyze responses for comprehension and response time
  • Generate reports by employee, message, channel, or campaign

- See more at:




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