Any Suggestions on Instructional Design Training Courses?

We are training up some new ISDs internally for a new project. We would like to provide them with some external training on the basics of instructional design, instructional theories, what works onscreen etc, primarily geared at producing instructor led training but with a view to e-learning in the future. Does anyone have suggestions on suitable short courses of this nature?

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I'm not aware of short courses that meet your exact need however I'd strongly suggest you talk to Neil Lasher at Trainer1: and also Phil Green and Clive Shepherd at Onlignement:


Hope this helps.



Hi Matt,


I would also recommend the More Than Instructional Design course run by Neil Lasher. I sent a couple of guys on this around 2 years ago and they were so impressed that we got Neil in to deliver it to the whole team and we are still sending people on it as and when we replace people.


There is a lot of information here and as long as you attend with the view of gaining lots of knowledge but using this where it fits your business then I think you would get a lot out of this. What we didn't want to do is come back with a new set of Instructional Design rules. A lot of the material is actually common sense but you would need to attend the course to realise this.


Through experience, I searched for something similar a couple of years ago and there seems to be a lack of courses of this nature so good luck.


Hope this helps.



Kaizen do a fantastic course called Trainign Masterclass - I went on it last week and it was fantastic. Sally



From an elearning perspective you might want to have a conversation with Cathy Moore ( Cathy provides a number of learning services aimed at developing high-quality, visually-engaging elearning.


I hope this helps


Hi Matt,


I can certainly recommend Rob Hubbard's rapid elearning design programme when you get to the point of creating elearning content.


It's an excellent starting point for those IDs who are making the transition from face-to-face to elearning and the approach that he uses to deliver the programme is a great example of blended learning.


Good luck in your hunting...




Would anyone know of anything like this online?

Netskills do a one day intro to ID, my colleagues and I enjoyed it.

For more details:


For reading up on the basics, this seems to cover it:


Cathy Moore's stuff is really interesting:


And not specifically set up for ID but the Rapid eLearning Blog has lots of good ideas for creating e-learning resources:

Thanks Yvonne, you got in there before me! :)


Netskills has got 2 of these courses planned, 17th June in Leeds and 21st June in Bristol. There's also the possibility of running it on-site for you. Simon Fitzpatrick is the trainer in charge.

The Publishing Training Centre offer a one-day course. I've not been on this one but I've been very happy with other courses I've attended there. Worth a look.



Many thanks for all the helpful info!



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