Hi there,

Looking around the LMS marketplace, there are lots of providers who will let you get to elearning content on your mobile device.

But I'm looking for something more like the Amazon or Ebay apps, which let you interact with the application.

For example, on a mobile device I would like to be able to:

  1. Search for potential learning interventions (whether courses, reference content, or experts) by topic, title, location, date etc
  2. Read reviews of those interventions
  3. Mark interventions as of possible future interest
  4. Book onto a face-to-face event
  5. Read content
  6. View videos
  7. Evaluate the intervention - using ratings and reviews
  8. Recommend the intervention to my learning network that's linked to the LMS
  9. Ask questions of my learning network
  10. Respond to questions from my learning network
  11. Create links to people within my learning network

Does anyone know of an LMS provider that understands how people use mobile devices?





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Hi, CLIX from IMC does and Litmos also does I think.


Thanks Drew,

The Litmos system seems to be all about elearning content delivery, but the CLIX app looks interesting. I'll check it out.





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