Historically, the LMS was an extension of your HR department – just a tool, used to deploy training processes within your company. However, the rise of a new generation of learners combined with the growing uses of Internet has changed the way you see training tools and what you expect from them. The LMS as-was no longer meets the learners’ needs for engaging and motivating training. From those changing circumstances, a new question has emerged: how do you put user experience at the heart of training and development? By moving from a traditional platform to a Learning - Experience System. This webinar will aim at illustrating this transition by covering the following best practices:


  • How to combine push & pull motivational factors
  • How to move from mandatory to motivating learning
  • How to evolve from formal to informal learning
  • How to involve everyone in training initiatives, and not just L&D departments
  • How to implement mobile learning to learn anywhere, anytime

Click here for a recording of the webinar

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat

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This was a great webinar, really demonstrating that we should question the value of an LMS, and focus on LES. Can we really 'manage' and organic and natural a process as learning? Really? Surely the user experience, the learner's journey and the subsequent behaviourial change is of more value than ticking boxes and counting learning hours. For anyone looking for things to be more modern, this discussion is a good starting point.



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