We are having some issues with loading our Articulate modules via our Moodle - it 'hangs' and then stalls upon loading. They have been uploaded into the Moodle files as a SCORM activity. The problem seems to be with the Moodle system loading and 'talking to'  the Artic files. We have SCORM tested the Articulate module and that seems fine. We have also uploaded to other external Moodle sites and it opens up fine on other people's Moodle sites.


I've worked through some of the suggested fixes on Articulate and Moodle forums. Not sure if its our Moodle, or could be our IT environment?

If anyone else has had experience of this issue and knows how to resolve it, please let me know.


Many thanks


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Hi Ray,

If the files work on other Moodle systems, and if your Moodle code hasn't been changed, then it probably points to a problem with your IT infrastructure - most likely a file that is not being uploaded properly and is then corrupted.


Thanks Mark
I think you could be right, it looks like something to do with our version of Internet Explorer. We operate on IE 6 and it seems to work OK in other environments on IE 7 and above. Works fine as an Articulate module on its own when launched from a web server though. When uploaded via Moodle there seems to be some kind of timeout after 300 seconds which I think is related to the IE version?
It is a strange one. We have a few more things to try and I'll let you know if we crack it.

We are using a Moodle based system and Articulate modules work fine when saved as SCORM activity. Looks like this may be a problem with your IT environment
I'm having the same problem with an Atlantic Link course at the moment. Launches fine elsewhere, but something happens to it in Moodle. Seems to happen specifically when working with Internet Explorer 8. Will let you know if we find a solution that might work for you too.



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