Articulate QuizMaker: Anyone using it exclusively to create e-learning modules?

Just wondering, has anyone dared to create a comprehensive course in Articulate QM alone, abandoning Articulate Presenter?  QM has features that certainly make it possible to use for more than just creating quizzes/assessment, etc. I know their blog guru Tom Kuhlman has written about it.  Just wondering, has anyone actually done it?  Any lessons learned worthy of sharing before embarking on this path would be most welcomed.

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Why would you want to do this? It's possible to create short binary feedback kind of scenarios in quizmaker and create blank slides with all of Powerpoint's features, but other than someone throwing down a challenge, I have absolutely no reason to do something like this.
I'm intrigued to try this because it offers my client an affordable solution for future updates if they want to take them in-house. My business model is to do design/development, but to teach my clients (who want to learn) how to become a self-sustaining learning development culture. QM costs far less than the entire package and a client can easily learn it. '-D
Can I ask what the objective is?
Why focus solely on QM when Presenter has the capabilities there to integrate so well and provide more flexibility?

I have used QM in the past to create a branched scenario comprising solely of questions that lead one to the other depending upon responses but this is more to get the learner to follow a thought process more than being a comprehensive course.
Hi, Margaret

Just like Sumeet suggested, I usually like using PowerPoint as a wrapper because the stuff I've been building lately includes more things alongside quizzes (e.g. external websites embedded as external objects, individual swf's and Engage interactions, as well as navigation buttons at the top for quickly jumping from section to section).

So far to be perfectly honest I have used Quizmaker on its own just when I needed to display and time-sequence several flash videos (Presenter only allows for one flash video in the slide as far as I know).

Here are a couple of examples of Quizmaker on its own and Quizmaker with other stuff.

Hope this makes sense :)
Thanks all! I completely agree with you on the advantages of using the full suite of Articulate products, and the gains especially with Presenter. But, every now and then, I like to see how I can push a tool to its limits. '-D



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