I have some 40 Articulate modules (ranging from 5 minutes to 45 minutes) which I need to re-skin, update and edit, and then re-publish into our LMS (Moodle).

Because of the volume and because of the timescales (guess what, I need this yesterday!) and to ensure consistency across all 40, I would like to find an agency that specialises in Articulate rather than going the freelance route I've used so far.

Can anyone recommend such a company?

Many thanks


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I notice a lot of recommendations for Kineo. They would be my first port of call, too. I could do this for you, too, but I am also a bit snowed under at present. Good problem to have, right? ;o)
Hi Tony,

We are an Anglo-Canadian Learning company that specialise in Articulate. You could also take advantage of the pound to Canadian dollar exchange rate! Please view our website for more information, or you are welcome to contact me personally: Natalie Macaulay (I am in Calgary right now) +1 403 266 8855,



I also have had contact with Kineo Open Source based in Brighton. The company is run by guys who once worked for EPIC when Donald Clark ran that, but left when he did and set up their own company. I suggest you contact Mark Aberdour on 07500 947798 or email .

Hope this helps,


Steve O'Connell
Hi Tony
I would also endorse Kineo who have helped us with Articulate skins and Moodle installation.
Just a word of advice before you proceed - we are having some issues with loading our Articulate modules via our Moodle. They are not loading properly once you have added as a SCORM activity. You may want to check that out before committing to 40+ modules.
If anyone else has had experience of this issue and knows how to resolve it, please let me know.
Hi Tony
we have just started working with Kineo, based in Sheffiled. They are developing our skins and training our relevant workforce how to create e-learnign using articulate on Moodle so they sound like a good fit for you.

I hope this helps.
Kind regards
Sarah Cohen
sportscoach UK
Hi Tony,
Try the guys at Cleveratom.

Matt will sort you out.



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