I'd be interested to hear what experience people have with formal Articulate training courses and to hear any recommendations?

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Actually, I've found the video tutorials with guided tasks really helpful.  I spent a few days at home (video is blocked by the company's firwall) one long weekend and was ready to dive in when I got back to the office.  I saw the video tutorials on the platform's home page. 


The format is really simple, you watch the video and download two files.  One has the finished interaction or section; the other has the same slides but without the interactions or whatever built in.  You need to follow the instructions in the video so the two files are exactlty the same. 


I think using these videos with some collaboration with colleagues would be great.  That was the thing I missed.  I was learning alone and had nobody from my team to share ideas with.  It'd be great to have a chance to get together - even online - to talk about what interactions or things we learnt about and how we could apply them to our elearning courses. 


No need to re-invent the wheel. 



Agree Chris. elearning heros and their videos are great. Also, I needed java - just googled it. Might be worth bookmarking solutions and sharing. Let me think about how best to do this...

Experiment: never used sccop.it before but thought it worth a go. Technical question: Are you able to get onto the site and suggest something I can add - have a play.


Thanks Julian, I've had a brief look - I'm able to get onto the site, but I've not been able to add anything - perhaps you could try adding this http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/working-with-var...

Hi Sarah - I added it.

While I love Scoop.it now i tried it i'm not paying 79$ a month to let others curate on it so I found Listly which you can add to. I moved content over and started a list so please add to it: http://list.ly/list/B55-articulate-storyline

Thanks Chris. I had formal training courses in mind, but agree that the videos could be a great place to start. I'm the only one creating e-learning in a small team of three, so opportunities for collaboration aren't plentiful - I'll see how I get on and let you know!

Hi Sarah - sounds like we are in the same boat being a comparitively new Storyline user. I 've subscribed to the E learning heroes weekly email for a couple of years but earlier this year took the plunge & attended a 2 day seminar that Tom Kuhlman gave in London. This was good but as there was such a wide range of experience with Storyline it didn't really do what I had hoped although it gave me the confidence  that Storyline would do what I wanted. As ever at these sort of things the networking was great and that was as helpful as the sessions. To echo what others have said I have found the Articulate online videos & forums to be really helpful & if you have a specific query then someone seems to have the answer in FAQs etc. Since then I've dabbled with a few Articulate projects which have worked well but time is my limiting factor. I'm going to lock myself away in a cave sometime soon & make a really nice project :-). Meantime if you get stuck just drop me a note & good luck. This software has really improved since I last looked at it & its pretty easy to use. 

I'm in a similar position myself and I have just started using it too so happy to brainstorm if required.

I took the online Articulate Storyline Basic Course through the eLearning Guild and got a lot out of the class.  There was an opportunity to work on assignments and have the teacher review your work and make suggestions.  I find it really helps me to have a grounding in the basics before looking at separate "how to" videos.

We used Omniplex in the UK and were delighted with their training. Knowledgeable instructor who gave great value for money at two on-site courses.

I attended a 3-day Omniplex course in St. Albans. The course was okay, but had the same experience as Gareth above. I probably would have gotten a lot more out if it if I hadn't watched any of the tutorials beforehand. It was nice to get confirmation that I had understood the basics, but I probably gained enough knowledge by following the tutorials.



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