I'd be interested to hear what experience people have with formal Articulate training courses and to hear any recommendations?

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Just to clarify - the 2 day thing I went to in London was an Articulate seminar not a formal course and I didn't really know what to expect. The seminar was really useful to find out more about Articulate & e learning in general but wasn't training as such. Having played around with Storyline quite a bit I'm thinking that a formal Omniplex course might be a good idea to save me making silly mistakes. Storyline seems pretty easy to use but is also quite powerful - probably a bit like Word which I know I don't know how to use properly :-)! Having said that the tutorials & FAQ are really good if you work through them in an organised fashion. 

Thanks all for the excellent tips! I actually took the plunge and did the Omniplex course last week and found it a great way to get up to speed quickly. Like you Gareth, time is my greatest challenge with a lot of projects pending and the need to get things done in the shortest amount of time possible!

If you're happy to work from a book I can recommend "Learning Articulate Storyline" from Packt publishing. I was a technical reviewer on the book so I can vouch for its quality :)

It does start from the very basics, so if you've been using Storyline for a while it may be too simple for you. 

I do run Storyline courses, but like most of them they are aimed at beginners and assume zero knowledge. I've been thinking about running some intermediate/advanced workshops with no fixed agenda, where people can bring along their own challenges and we work together to find a solution. If enough people express an interest I'll give it a go. 



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