Hi there

I'm considering options for a eLearning tool set. 

Does anyone have any experience with Adobe Presenter? How does it compare to Articulate Studio 09?

Any insights would be appreciated.



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Yes. I've got experience with both. Adobe Presenter - outdated, costs less, somewhat easier to update quizzes because the content displays directly in a PPT screen/slide, losing popularity, hard to get quick support. Articulate Presenter with Engage and QuizMaker - provides more creative interactive elements, costs more, harder to update content, growing in popularity, extensive collaborative online forum for support. That's my quick two cents. Hope that helps. Please feel free to ask more specific questions. '-D
Awesome - thanks for the useful information.

: )
+1 to everything that Margaret says. I've been using Articulate for a while now and it's really simple and quick to create reasonably good courses.

Here are a few demos that I've created with very limited time on hand.
Hey Sumeet

Thanks for the endorsement of Articulate. Good to know people rate it. Thnaks for sharing the demos - I particularly liked the style of the images.
I'd agree with Margaret on this (hey Margaret!) - I think Articulate has the edge. Both have their bugs and issues, however with more people using Articulate you are more likely to find someone who has had and solved your issue before. The trick with both tools is to avoid it looking like PowerPoint content by starting with a blank screen, rather than just importing PPT slides.
Hi Rob

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Your points make sense and have helped me.


Amen on Rob Hubbard's point about a blank screen. I recommend purchasing a CD called Design Sense which covers how to design in PPT like a graphic artist would. Will follow-up with links on where/how to purchase this CD online... (stay tuned).
Hi Margaret, would be keen to know where to find this CD!
I tried to purchase Adobe Presenter a while back and it couldn't be purchased as a stand alone. I haven't used Articulate but it seems that it's a popular choice.

I've used both too.

Adobe Presenter is the more simple of the two applications and therefore much more limited in terms of what it can do.

If you are looking to "go beyond PowerPoint", then although PowerPoint can be the starting point for both, with the full suite of products from Articulate - Presenter, QuizMaker, Engage and Video Encoder, you can do so much more.

I also found that if you need to deploy your content via a SCORM LMS that Articulate is a breeze compared with Adobe Presenter.

Technical support from Articulate is excellent too. You never have to wait too long for a response (even when the US is "asleep") and generally, they can put their finger on the issue straightaway and resolve your problem. This has not always been the case with Adobe's support. Articulate also has a large online community of users, all willing to help you resolve problems and suggest solutions. Articulate's team also regularly use Twitter and blogs to share best practices and their expertise.

Intersting and solid points - thanks!

I'm in the Articualte camp now.

Hi Greg

I am using Adobe Presenter for a year now and I have to say it is very easy to use. We are using the Adobe Connect Server with it to publish presentations. You get a URL for your presentation and it makes it very easy to share presentations with others. I have not used Articulate so I cannot compare both together. However, for presenter you just need to create an interactive powerpoint (meaning not massive amount of text or bullet points), then presenter allows you to add quiz questions and audio. You can adjust the navigation bar to your needs. You can also add documents to your presentation that the user/learner can download and you can add notes and presenter information.

I am very happy with using presenter as it is sooo easy. If you want more information let me know.





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