Hi there

I'm considering options for a eLearning tool set. 

Does anyone have any experience with Adobe Presenter? How does it compare to Articulate Studio 09?

Any insights would be appreciated.



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Hello Wencke

Thanks for adding to the debate. Nice to get a balanced perspective on things. I think I'll probablly go with Articulate though.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond!

Hi Greg
I went through both products in December 2008 and ended up with Articulate for a 2009 project. I was using it mostly for short software training tutorials with embedded Camtasia Studio videos - if you would like to see samples etc. then let me know. For me Articulate was great to work with and as others have suggested when you go to quizmaker, engage etc. even better! I had great supplier support from Kineo, Articulate for technical support and Tom Kuhlmanns blog is brilliant even if you're not using Articulate. I'm not sure about implementing into LMS etc. but for global availability we ended up using a third-party flash hosting service (at small cost) and then made links from our web-site.
Hope this helps!
It does help - thanks


One more thing to think about. Turn to the folks at Kineo for any tips they have about Articulate. They've done some great co-development things with Articulate giving the tool some great punch. Also, make sure to look at Articulate's showcase modules. The team that won last year's Gold Award did a brilliant job. I highly recommend viewing this so you can get some ideas on how the tool can be used. '-D Happy authoring!



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