My company (large multi-national) is going to be starting a huge SAP roll out (100 implementations) and we are looking at different software simulation packages.


During my research, I have come across Assima which seems to offer an amazing solution and we would be looking at implementing the Training Suite, with the Change Management Suite and possibly Productivity Suite.


Ignoring the cost element, has anyone had experience of using Assima? Is it the all-singing, all-dancing solution that it appears to be? Does anyone have any specific issues that they have come across during the implementation/use of Assima?


I am presenting an overview of Assima to our Senior Management next week, and would love to have some unbiased feedback on what it is really like (both good and bad!).

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Katie,

I work for Xerox and we are currently using the Assima Change Management Suite (ACMS) and we use a lot of the Assima Training Suite (ATS) simulations for our training.

The ACMS is really very good for what we use it for - we use it to hold all of our training and support materials and have a lot of e-Learning courses on there as well, which are very popular with our end users. I don't think we really use it to its full potential, as some of the functionality isn't really relevant to what we need, but what we do use is great. We have also recently linked it to our LMS, so the e-Learning course can be updated in the user's learning history. We are still working out some teething problems, but it is pretty much there.

As for the ATS, it is a very intelligent tool, though as you say - its best not to look at the price tag! We use a mixture of ATS simulations and Adobe Captivate simulations - ATS for the more complex transactions where interaction is important to help the user understand what to do and keep them enagaged; and Captivate for the simpler ones, where only one or two languages and a demonstration are needed. My general feeling is, if you've got the capital, and the time to spend learning to use the tool - ATS really is fantastic, but you do need time and money on your side. Lots of version releases mean you constantly get the most up-to-date software, but also means you need to keep downloading it. Captivate is much easier and quicker to use, but not as sophisicated and slick, and definately not great if you need to translate your simulations.

From my experience, Assima as a company are very good to work with, and always eagar to develop your software in a way which suits you - they are flexible with upgrades and welcome your suggestions, rather than giving a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Joey - that is a big help. To get a 'real-life' experience.


Funnily enough - we also have Captivate on our 'wanted' list with the idea that it could help to create the more 'jazzy' e-learning courses we would like to do.


I'd be interested to know what LMS you use - is there a particular reason why you did not take advantage of the LMS aspect of the ACMS? We are looking to implement an LMS at the same time, but at the moment we are thinking that the ACMS could do that for us, rather than having ANOTHER piece of software. Would be interested to know your thoughts.



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