People have been designing and developing authoring tools to trainers create interactive content since the 1970s (if you know any from the 60s then I'd love to know). Every one of these tools has been positioned as 'rapid' and 'user friendly'. My question is, have we gone as far as we can go with authoring tools? Do we need anything we have not already got? What do you reckon?

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The main one I think we need now is around video. Something that makes using video simple for newbies and easy for not-so newbies to put something together fast. I know we have a bunch of video editors out there but none are really integrated into putting learning content together.

Other than that I think we've got enough for now.
Hi Andy,

If you use a Mac, then Keynote + iPhoto + iMovie make a really good, easy to use, combination. However they don't then publish in a web-friendly format... :-(

I think we do need an Articulate equivalent for the Mac too.
I'm yet to find the holy grail of "rapid" development... something that will produce accessible, engaging content, in an easy to re-use format. I want the flexibility to tweak my interactions, and not have to put up with Flash as the default output format.

Most of the time I spend as much time debugging colleagues rapid developments as would be spent building a bespoke course from scratch!
Absolutely! There's got to be something lurking out there though -- Zebra maybe?



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