I am currently reviewing the L&D provision of a multi-site group. Current delivery of training is all face-to-face. I will be proposing a more blended approach, and feel confident that I can produce ROI figures. However, I have specifically been asked to complete a benchmarking exercise against their current provision to justify change. There are so many variables to this, and I haven't been able to find published figures that compare like for like. I know Towards Maturity are looking at this however they are doing so where e’learning is already embedded into an organisation. Has anyone in the group have any links or contact details of where I can find this data, a simple tool or information other than CIPD?
Hope to hear from you. Kind regards

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Hi Alison
For the IITT I have developed an L&D Maturity Model. It tracks the L&D position against 10 criteria. They are:-
1. Observable Outcomes
1.1 Strategy
1.2 Value
1.3 Operations
1.4 Projects

2. L&D Dept Characteristics
2.1 Key Networks
2.2 Use of Technology
2.3 Business Relationships

3. L&D Management Disciplines
3.1 People Development
3.2 Sourcing Approach
3.3 Scorecards

And within this model there are sfive levels of maturity:-
Level 1 - Basic; Level 2 - Developing; Level 3 - Mature; Level 4 - Advanced; Level 5 - Exemplar

I have all the cells filled in within this model - do let me know if this of interest.

Best wishes - Alan
Hi Alison

Hope that you are well - just to let you know that while the Towards Maturity benchmarks look at the extent to which learning technologies can be embedded by comparing existing implementation practices & strategy, they also have information from the past 5 - 6 years that allow you to compare blended learning, technologies used, audiences delivered to, subjects delivered , drivers , barriers, and benefits.

We've got data based on 700+ organisations , and quite bit of separate comparisions for different sectors across these areas as well.

You're right in that we've tended to concentrate on implementation practice - the Towards maturity Model of e-learning maturity that has emerged from the data over the years is the area that most are interested in - looking at 6 strands of behavior with 19 dimentions that all correlate back to improved business results and staff impact. By focussing on the TM model over the past 5 years , we may have not highlighted all the other great benchmark material that we've gathered along the way! But it is still there for you to use!

As you know our past benchmarks can all be downloaded at http://tinyurl.com/TMbenchmark but give me a shout if you want to chat!


PS we've also just launched research on the business impact of learning technologies - some new interesting stats that might be helpful in positioning and benchmarking other's ROI - www.towardsmaturity.org/indicator/



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