Hi everyone

I am doing a project reviewing our L&D function. We are a mid-sized (10,000 employees) international company (30 locations mostly in Europe) company in the building services and building product manufacturing. I'd like to compare a few KPI's what other companies in similar industries (manufacturing).

The KPI's I'm interested in is the

- number of training days per person

- cost of training or budget per person

- actual costs of delivery courses (excluding travel, accommodation and related expenses)

From our company I am happy to share that we have

- Training days per person range from 2.7 to 3.1 from 2012 -2014

- cost of training per person has range from 328 EUR per person to 382 EUR per person from 2012-2014

- Again for 2012-2014 the delivery of courses for external facilitators and hotels averaged 416 EUR per person excluding the course delivered by internal facilitators (whose costs salary etc are not charged). Including internal facilitated course the average is 280 EUR per person.

If you prefer to respond offline then please contact me on jane.piper@pipsy.ch

Kind regards

Jane Piper

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Hi Jane

Don't know if you have looked at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills Employer Skills Survey 2013 of 91,000 employers but it may yield some useful here's the link to it https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ukces-employer-skills-su... there's also a 2011 survey too.

Hope this helps


William Kennedy-Long



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