I'm faced with a familiar problem, which I'm hoping you can help me with.

I'm currently re-launching our internal shop front for development opportunities available to all colleagues in our business. This is intranet based, and a lot of good work has been done with our web guys to get a look and feel we're really proud of.

We've a design principle which states that whilst we will help colleagues find the best from the internal offerings, we want to help them discover external nuggets from the web.

I'm keen to showcase TED videos for example, self analysis tools, and generally engaging (and hopefully free) content that can inspire our guys to think about their development/career etc.

As you can imagine, I'm starting with the whole web at my disposal...have you got any recommendations??????

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Hi Stephen, what about MindTools? They have some great resources for managers and productivity. http://www.mindtools.com/index.html

Hypermedia Training

Thanks Lee, I've started to look through it and there will def be content I can use here.


Hi Stephen


There is a lot on the CIPD site which is publicly available and there is also OU's openlearn resources, though both are intended to tempt you towards their paid for offerings.



Thanks Barbara, I'm aware of the CIPD site, but hadn't venture to OU. Going to investigate the free resources.

I like the RSA videos and animated lectures. Not strictly business skills but good for widening understanding and developing reflectivity.


Really impressed with this one Andrew, thanks. Especially the animated lectures. Will add something different to our offering.

Hi Stephen,

How about offering your organisation a workshop? Don't worry, I'm not selling you mine and I'm not volunteering either! But i do have training materials on this and believe if you are willing you - or someone else in your organisation can stand up and deliver this training yourself.  Here is a link to the course - it's free to view and you don't need to log in. I'm a volunteer so dont have time to send junk mail you won't read!


Thanks Lucy, really just concentrating on our online offering for now. But I'll get in touch if we need more info on this.


Hi Stephen, you're welcome to use this values tool which helps people think about what motivates them at work and therefore the sort of changes they may want to make http://cizvdemo.careerinnovation.com/

Also if you are looking for video, "The Ultimate Career Change" is an interview I carried out with a very inspiring person called Wendy Butler. Quite hard-hitting for reasons you will quickly see!


Best wishes,

Jonathan Winter

Thanks Jonathan, the links are really great. Especially your interview with Wendy.

Hi Stephen,

The unfortunately named BusinessBalls has some rough but ready to be curated content on a whole range of subjects - there's some really great ideas, templates and tools hidden away in there. The 99% has some interesting talks, much like TED but you can often find some intriguing talks there 

Thanks Lisa, a colleague of mine also suggested Businessballs. You're right, there is some really good practical 'things' on there that we'll choose to highlight. Thanks for the suggestion!



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