I know it may sound like a strange idea, but I have a client who is looking to reach a wide audience using online presentations but on a 1-1 basis.  The audience is largely non-IT 'savvy' and may feel threatened by lots of client-side downloads etc. Does anyone have any experience of using tools that might help them make their choice?


I am currently drawing up a range of must have, nice to have and must not have criteria in order for us to evaluate objectively, but your thoughts are always appreciated.


Many thanks.


Jooli Atkins


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How about using the PowerPoint Show facility so that any attachment sent to the individual would 'self run'?
Hi jooli

have you thought of loading the presentations onto an iPod touch. We use them
for our corporate induction - they are easy to use and great at 1 to 1 level
Thanks for the responses but it is actually a 1-1 discussion they want to have, so it needs to be more of an online webinar-type of tool. I think I confused things by saying online presentation but it is actually a presentation of their sales pitch using online tools - sorry.

Thanks again.
The only thing that comes to mind is webex
Thanks TEC1. That is their first thought but there are so many others on the market at the moment and they are looking at Adobe Connect Pro as an alternative. Anyone with any ideas on how they compare, please? All I have at the moment is experience of each from the receiving end and the sales pitch from the organisations.

Thanks for your help.
This sounds like a perfect situation for Elluminate vRoom. Elluminate is a powerful, flexible, user-friendly virtual space. It also handles bandwidth challenges very well. With vRoom you can have a virtual meeting with three people for free - so ideal for 1-to-1.

I have used Elluminate for virtual classes many times and am happy to recommend it.
Hi Jooli,
If the need is to only do 1-o-1 presentations then I guess the big name webconferencing tools are a bit of an overkill. All you perhaps need is for people to be able to share their screen. There are a bunch of options you can use:
For hosting the presentations online, you can try
* Scribd
* Slideshare
* Or for an extra level of coolness, try Prezi

For sharing the presentations in a 1-o-1 meeting, try:
* Skype
* Yuuguu
* DimDim (I recommend DimDim, because it's easy to start screensharing on the fly and if you wanted to, you can upgrade to a professional license and reach out to large audiences as well).

Thanks all. Really helpful - I will look into all the options you suggest.

Hi Jooli,

We are moving from webex to adobe connect pro later this year - I think the adobe interface is so much more appealing to the eye, fresh, the use of pods is easy to manage, you can include flash based content like games,video clips and you can have your presenter view around the outside of the main screen for you to simply 'drag and drop' your pre-planned materials into the screen, as well as any notes you may need open etc without fear that anyone in the room can see them!

The only thing with connect pro is that users will have to have the latest flash player installed - this is quite painless to install if users have the admin rights on their computers to do this.

I notice that you can now view webex style presentations/webinars on iphone/ipod touch - which might be pretty useful as everyone seems to have them!

That is really useful, thanks. I like the look and feel of Adobe Connect Pro and I am particularly interested in the drag and drop idea, that will be helpful to my client because they won't bamboozle the client with everything up front but can introduce things as the discussion progresses (or not).

Thanks again.




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