My daughter's company (Market Research) currently has a vacancy for an L&D administrator.

She asked me the best place to advertise the role..... I couldn't help, but thought I might know a few people who could provide advice.... any thoughts would be welcome, please?

This job is what I'd call a 'power' L&D administrator.  Probably 2-3 days a week (but with the right person may extend to full-time), based in Covent Garden, London. The company has an L&D Strategy that encompasses Mentoring/Coaching & Appraisals, a Seminar Series, and Core training modules and they want someone to help execute this programme.

It's young, vibrant company in the heart of 'the action'.



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Hi Charles

Some of the better known L&D jobs sites (I believe) include Changeboard ( and Blue Eskimo ( but they're paid for. If your daughters company don't want to pay to advertise the role you could spread the word via Twitter and LinkedIn groups perhaps and also via industry bodies like eLearning Network and LPI. LPI have a vacancies page and I know eLN do advertise jobs from time to time.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, Kate. The expectation isn't a 'no-cost' route.  She was just trying to find the most effective place or places to advertise the role - which would attract good candidates.


HI Charles,

I have advertised for project managers and instructional designers on LinkedIn jobs recently, and was really pleased with the quality and quality of applicants. Sarah


Thanks, Sarah. I will encourage her to do that, too.

Hi Charles,

Please ask your daughter if she would like to have a look at my profile ( and see if she would like to arrange a time for an interview with me.





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