Hello all,

We currently do quite a lot to share best practice in a number of ways, but my colleague and I are looking for a way of getting a burst of external stimulus in terms of how other companies approach L&D. 

A past colleague once attended a customer experience forum, which was a week long event which was essentially a tour of many different companies, giving an insight into their approach to customer service and I wondered if there was anything similar but in the L&D world?

Any ideas gratefully received.




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I recently attended an event run by Sky and Brightwave, hosted by the good Donald Taylor :) up here in Scotland, which provided a great opportunity to discuss trends, best practice etc. Donald can perhaps advise if he knows of any similar events happening soon?


Interestingly, an idea was raised at the event to set up a learning community in Scotland, again to share ideas, problem solve, set the world to rights and so on. 


I guess events like Learning Technologies and World of Learning provide a good opportunity to get a burst of external stimulus and of course grow your network.


Do you have any suppliers that could put you in touch with some of their other customers?  I've also used this approach to test out some thinking in the past.


As well as looking at your suppliers, you may find some industry-specific groups helpful?  We are a member of Asset Skills, from a Housing point of view - they consult with members on frameworks of qualifications - and find them really helpful as many of the attendees are L&D people, or can put us in touch with their staff who are.  It's helfpul for sharing best practice and not reinventing the wheel! 



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