Hi everyone,

I am looking for training vendors who have capability in designing and developing programmes around 'data analysis and visualisation techniques.' Ideally they could be based in the UK or South East Asia.

Our Finance teams internally require a higher competency in data analytics, deriving commercial insights and presenting the data trends more concisely and impactfully.

If you know of any or had experience with them do please highlight...



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Hi Ivor - I am interested in opening a dialog with you. Please see my CV at https://abasiel.wordpress.com/cv-2015/
If you want to contact me email abasiel@gmail.com
yours, Dr Anthony Basiel

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the reply. Apologies for the delay but just returned from leave. This project is being led by a colleague in London. He is currently doing a previous job I had so I know the requirement well. I have highlighted your contact details with him and will catch up with him next week to see his plans.


Hi Ivor

My assumption is you would use specific software to undertake the data analysis and visualisation. Have you decided what this might be?

I can provide training recommendations if using analytical software from the SAS portfolio. Typical interfaces would be SAS Visual Analytics or the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.

I am contactable at SAS UK - 01628 486 933 or education@suk.sas.com. We also have offices throughout South East Asia.


Nigel Armstead

SAS Education Manager - SAS UK & Ireland

Hi Nigel

Thanks for getting in touch. My colleague highlighted his need to me. He is based in London and I used to do his role so I know the scope of his requirement. At the moment they are looking to build some core data interpretation (validating sources), analysis, but more importantly some data visualisation and presentation skills. As a global bank we are drowning in data!

We use Microstrategy and Tableau as well as good old fashioned excel as tools. However the focus here is to be tool agnostic with more specific software knowledge coming later through our vendors. 

I have passed your contact details to Phil and am checking on next steps.


Hi Ivor

We've built a learning game for Vodafone helping marketers better interpret customer data and make commercial decisions based upon it. It's used by teams in a workshop and has been shortlisted for an eLearning Award this year. You can read the public blurb about it here: http://www.learningtechnologies.co.uk/Content/Best-learning-game

Not sure if it's quite what you're after, but I'm happy to have a chat. Message me if you'd like to set something up.



Thanks Rob...will get in touch with my colleague in London who is starting the initial scoping of the programme with his Finance function stakeholders. I have shared your details and will catch up with him next week to discuss.

OK thanks Ivor.



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