I am in need of a screen capturing tool that will highlight my mouse and then let me edit what i produce and maintain the quality of the recording. I am looking to do quick system demos with voice overs.

I have used Captivate and Atlantic Link in the past but was looking for something that would do what i needed in one package. Camtasia seems like a good option but i have never used it.


Is there anyone with experience of the software or something similar that will do what i need?






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Take a look at Jing. It's very easy to use but is limited to short clips (I think the maximum is five minutes).
I'd like to add a second vote for Screenr It just is the quickest thing out there. Great for rapid stuff, and so simple to use.
Just to say, I've used camtasia in the past, there's nothing wrong with it - I needed screen capture recently and used http://www.smallvideosoft.com/screen-video-capture/ which did the same thing for nothing. I quite liked the feature that allows you to select an area of the screen to be recording.

What a lot of choices you are getting!

I'd recommend JING, Camtasia and Camstudio. Camstudio is free and can be downloaded as a portable app or an installation for Windows.

I also use iShowU for Mac and the online service called Screenr which has already been mentioned.

Others, such as ZD Soft and ScreenHunter (which is Windows 7 compatible), are worth exploring

And if you're into gaming then Fraps has to be the best at a very high frames per second capture - impressive!

But with all these tools it's worth experimenting - what is often a pain is capturing a perfect screen animation only to find you cannot edit easily as video editing software either cannot take the file format (and therefore you need to convert) or file size upload limit. So I tend to capture short chunks and stitch them together at a later stage if I wish to create a fairly lengthy screen capture.

Another tip is to reduce the resolution of your screen if possible before you start and turn off anything else that will be using your computer's CPU - and beeping Twitter feeds or emails as these noises might well be captured too. Most software will work at 15 frames per second and your computer will struggle to handle a large capture area for a great length of time so it's best to plan the smallest area possible.

Di - an avid screen capturer ;)



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