Can anyone help with the design of an overview high level/scorecard report for our LMS please?

Hi fellow LSG members

Hope that I can pool your collective brains on a task I'm working on this afternoon.

I'm putting together the requirements for a high level report that would allow our L&D managers to pick an area of our business and specify a date range, then be presented with high level usage statistics for learners on our system (The Academy). I have cobbled together the following data column ideas, and would welcome any additions from reports that you have in your various organisations

Most of these columns will return a number, some a % of the previous number i.e. total employees in department X, % of those who have accessed our system etc.

Any suggestions for additional data columns most appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.



Columns for high level report
Employee accounts on Academy
Absolute unique visitors
Level 3 +
Level 4 - 5
Level 6 -7
Average visitors per day
Accessed more than 3 times
Accessed more than 6 times
Accessed more than 9 times
Total number of hits on "Home Page"
Total number of hits on "PMD"
Total number of hits - "Development in Diageo"
Total number of hits - "Capabilities"
Downloads - "Self development
Enrolments - e-learning
Completions - e-learning
Number of ratings
Average rating level
Bookings - Virtual classroom training
Attendance - Virtual classroom training
Number of ratings
Average rating level
Bookings - Classroom training
Attendance - Classroom training
Number of ratings
Average rating level

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What about a comparison across the different teams, ROI stats and most importantly....the # of times a 'student' has to re-attempt the same assessment/course before passing? I see you have 'access 3 times' and higher but are those #'s for accessing the site or the course? A high level of re-attempts to pass a course can signal a problem in several areas but the ultimate result is a lower ROI because of the additional time the learner has to invest in order to successfully complete the course.

Even at the highest level I would expect management will want to know the percentage of people that have to re-take a course multiple times before passing (i.e. is the data results showing a positive or negative impact to ROI). Knowing that information allows you/them to analyze the data to determine has the course missed its targeted audience? Did everyone have to re-take it multiple times to pass or just a select few? Is there a problem with the layout/delivery method of the course content that causes the need for excessive reattempts? Or is it simply they are rushing through the training, attempting it during a busy part of the work day when distractions abound or simply not preparing properly before attempting the assessment?

And speaking of assessments, (not that you asked), if the course fail rate is high you will want to analyze the assessment data as well. In fact some assessment metric (besides passing) might be helpful on your management report (depending on what your management is looking for in your final analysis).

If you do find a problem with the assessment data affecting the overall success of the program then there are several areas to consider. Is the assessment valid and/or are the distracters in the assessment valid......or are there questions/distracters that are misleading? Have the learners been informed of how much time to set aside for the assessment, be properly prepared, informed if re-attempts are allowed and to not take it during their peak work hours when distractions are high?

I know this sound very elemental but its been our experience that stressing time be set aside to focus on the training is critical to the success of the program. Human nature seems to default to 'let me get this done as quickly as I can' or the learner tries to work it into their normal daily activities instead of setting aside time to focus on the learning. Specific directions from upper management regarding how the program is being deployed or should be utilized can go a long way in setting the tone for how any initiative is effectively and successfully embraced by the staff.

Also look at the individual question results when drilling down to analyze an assessment. If a large group of people miss the same question or pick the same wrong distracter then there's a problem with the question, distracter or the content wasn't covered thoroughly enough in the course to enable the student to build their knowledge base sufficiently to answer correctly.
Hi Andrew and Debra

Many thanks for your responses, some great insights there that will definitely feature in the report design...





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