A colleague has asked me the following with reference to building a tool that can do this. Does anyone know of one that exists already? Has anyone got something similar in their organisations?

the tool needs to be:

  • an interactive and visual tool for managers and colleagues to use in career discussions
  • show a map of where you can move to from your current role
  • signposts people to the development interventions they can access to support them to get there
  • to link in to 9 box model and succession planning

and we are happy to add to this list based upon what other think may be needed.



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In O2 UK I run the Technology Skills frameworks which are the underpinning pieces of the Career Frameworks I build. This gives very clear career routes within Technology but ultimately across O2 as an organisation.

It is something I am passionate about and provides very clear discussion items for Manager to have with their staff at 1-2-1 and PDP(Personal Development Planning) sessions.
Hi Neil

Thanks for that. Understandably, as at Boots, big conversations are the key to success, built upon the frameworks you have in place.

What my colleague is interested in as well are the tools you have that deliver the frameworks to the colleagues in order for the discussions to take place. How do colleagues interface with the frameworks you have?

p.s. can you give your colleague Ed a nudge for me? I left him a message and he's maybe not seen it yet. I know how busy we all are!


Hi Casson,

We have a Learning Zone which hosts the Career Portal. All Technology folk have a login to the Zone and from their they can access many different tools to support their development as well as the Portal.

Hi Neil

Do you have any kind of tool in the portal which plots a path from one role to the next and links into your training catalogue to help the user see what options there may be for development? They would then maybe use this in discussions with their Line Manager.

Sorry to be asking all this but your the only one who has replied to my post!!


Hi Casson,

This is something that is used within Health Informatics, you may find it useful...http://www.hicf.org.uk/

That's great Alan. Thanks. I'll pass this onto my colleague.


There are various companies that you can buy this type of technology from - Stepstone and Cornerstone on Demand are two I've looked at but not yet used. They track 9 boxes, succession plans, career resumes etc. and can also link to booking on training courses, competencies frameworks etc. More about the tool and framework than about encouraging career discussions. Might be worth you exploring.
I'm thinking of doing something similar, so let me know how you get on.
Hi Philippa

Thanks. My colleague will want to explore avenues like this I'm sure. Just trying to get them to think about the framework and discussions before they go rushing headlong into the technologies! We'd also want to see how this type of solution can take feeds from our LMS where we hold the training info. I will keep in touch though.





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