Hi fellow learning experts

Hope you can help me out with a few technical pointers for a current project I'm working on at a charity here in Thailand. I would really appreciate any thoughts you can give.


Once our project is done here we'll have 1 or 2 Articulate e-learning modules focusing on the charities work available for download. The charity would like to be able to maintain version control so they are interested in publishing the courses as AICC standard and having each organisation that would like to use the course load up the AICC files in their LMS and link in to our modules centrally.


The charity would like to be able to keep a track of many people decide to download and add their AICC module to their LMS system so would like to have reporting on module activity.


The charity does not currently have any form of LMS. Does the charity have to implement one to host the articulate content and be able to report on how many people access the module or could it just sit on a standard web server? 


Do we have to look for a particular LMS system to allow this content server approach? Has anyone out there successfully set this up with Articulate modules?


Best regards



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You might look into an e-commerce application where you can upload the Articulate Modules as products in a catalog.  This does not have to be a function within an LMS.

Are you familiar with Articulate Online? See http://www.articulate.com/products/articulate-online.php

Thanks Jane, I'll look into that. 

Best regards


It would require setting up but a Moodle could be very quickly deployed to track this.


Sounds like two requirements - one for interacting with organisations and one for the charity itself.

I agree with Linda - that if just want each organisation to download and upload to their own LMS - you might only require a simple e-commerce web application.  At the end of the day, the articulate content should just be a single file that is downloadable. This does not require a LMS.

LMS typically dont allow users to actually download the course.  They allow users to take the course and that is tracked.

You should consider a system such as below, which allows the charity to share and track downloads by organisations and is more of the content management approach.


You can also consider the use of Wordpress (open source). You can simply build a webpage, monitor the number of downloads and have version control on your published Articulate courses.



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