Cloud Computing, The Impact for Trainers, Techies and End-users Everywhere

So, Cloud Computing - Wassitallaboutthen?


I am looking to the community to furnish me with any guidance on the impact it will have on:

1) Trainers

2) Techies

3) End Users


If there are any papers out there, or anyone has any experience can you let me know.



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Hi Denise,

The term cloud-computing is often used to cover a whole load of different models of delivering IT and software services to people. It's official usage is to mean using multiple computers as though they were just one (see:

In reality, this should have little impact on the end users and trainers. It's just the techies and security people who need to understand how the hardware is being delivered.

If you're talking about things like Software As A Service delivery models, then that's a different ball game - especially if you're looking at the multi-tenanted business model. The best explanation I've found for this comes from Kashflow, a small business accountancy software provider:

Does that help?


Thanks mark, yes it does.  I need to understand everything, iaas, paas, saas etc



Hi Denise,

Your best starting point is Wikipedia really. This will then point you to other resources. Be aware though, that there's huge overlap between these terms (which are usually just coined by marketing people trying to differentiate themselves).



Denise, this is a paper we produced a couple of years ago on Software-as-a-Service in Learning and Talent Systems. Hope its relevant.


regards, DAVID


Perfect thank you for this.

Hi Denise, I work for Cornerstone OnDemand in the UK. I would be more than keen to explain our perspective on SaaS, the benefits to be gained etc., etc.,


Another tip would be to work out the difference between pure-play SaaS, as well as SaaS itself, as this differentiates development, support, delivery, scalability etc., etc.,


We are pure-play SaaS, so if it helps to know the difference, please feel free to contact me :-







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