I am interested in developing some business (as opposed to life) coaching skills and would like to know if anyone can recommend any particular provider/workshop/course? There is such a variety of options available! I don't have any previous coaching experience, so need something that covers all bases. I have checked out "Go Mad" but feel that their offer is more generalist, and would prefer a course specific to coaching.

Does anyone have any experience fo working with The Smart School, or The Academy of Executive Coaching?


Thanks for your help!

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Hi Nicki


As everyone says it's a big field. My recommendation is



Hope you find what you are looking for.




Thanks Barbara, I will check them out!


Hi Nicki,

I recently attended the Henley Executive Coaching Certificate. Was disappointed with the quality of the facilitation (it was more like teaching). I belive the facilitation line up has been chancged recently though. I gained a great deal from interacting with fellow delegates and it was definately 'generalist' - I'm only really interested in business coaching. The content is good, the courseware is poor, the venue is spectacular.

The great thing about Henley (Reading University) is that the certificate/qualification your achieve is internationally recognised and respected due to the triple accreditation standard.

It's not cheap :|

Hi Sarah,

that is all good to know! Thanks for your reply.

Hi Nicki, 

I am taking a programme with the Academy of Executive coaching and they have an event on 9 November that might interest you,






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