We are all newbies at virtual community, even those of us who've been into it for more than twenty years. One thing I've found valuable in building relationships that last after the event is over is Photographs.

Unless you are in the witness protection program or really look like this, please post of a photo of yourself if you plan to take part in the conversations here.

See ya!

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Good Point Jay,

I always feel strange 'talking' to a faceless person. As you said we are all new at this, unlike you, I've only been at it a year or so, I did find it difficult to put my picture up initially but once I took the plunge it was fine, no-one 'discovered' me.
Maybe see you around over the next few days, it will be good to have a face to spot!!

You're right. I've added one. I believe you know my colleague Sharon Kaliouby? She said she was going to put an invite your way for Wednesday evening, so hope to meet you then or before at the ILA talk with Jonny Parkes at 1.15 in seminar room 4. Gavin
Hello Jay

Thanks for the prompt. It's encouraged me to take the plunge.

Thanks also for introducing me to tootsie rolls at last years conference. I encouraged a freind to bring some back from a hoiliday in Florida last year. Loved them! I know that wasn't the point of the talk, but it was a nice by-product.



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