I am new to this forum so apologies if this is posted in the wrong area.
The company I work for is looking to expand its e-learning and e-assessment provision. We are hoping to work with a consultant to help us put together a scoping project of ideas and plans to present to our governing body in July. Does anyone have any consultants that they have worked with that they would recommend?
Many thanks

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Hi Nina

Nothing wrong with posting this question here - this sort of knowledge sharing is exactly what this forum is all about.

Don Taylor
Group Chairman
Many thanks :-)
I can recommend Alison Innes-Farquhar. Her contact details are aif@mainstaysolutions.co.uk The solution she provided us has won major awards!
That's great, thank you very much! Would it be possible to talk to you about this in a bit more detail?
Yes of course. email me at janetcowie@priorygroup.com



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