Would anyone be willing to share their organisational induction/orientation programme?

As a Health Board, we offer a full day covering Values, behaviours, Equality, patient experience etc but looking specifically at improving the overall delivery. Anyone have any practical ideas or exciting takes on engaging new staff into the session? Its a quite a long and resource intensive day and we run it in a 'cafe style' with 20-40 attendees 3-4 times a month. We have quite a lot of practical activities and film clips. The corporate day is then followed by local induction and a range of mandatory training/elearning.

Maybe you do something completely different for new starters? I'd be really interested to hear about anyone else's approach.



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Hi Gwyneth, We have a more extended on-boarding experience which spans over a week.We wanted to create a sense of belonging for our new hires and also create opportunities to learn about the skills they needed for the job. We created a programme to focus on introducing new employees to the culture of the organization by engaging them in a variety of activities including group tasks, individual learning activities, and give opportunities to interact with more tenured staff in informal ways. At the end of the programme, the new employees have a stronger sense of belonging and also have clearer ideas on what is expected in the first few weeks and an awareness and confidence in the support available to them.

I think what you do has to be driven by what you want to accomplish.

Thanks Claudia. We are usually under pressure to get people started as soon as possible - particularly in clinical areas. Our first week is ensuring mandatory elements are up to date and trying to instil the values of the organisation but I think we need to do more for the individual, as you say, creating that sense of belonging.

I just redesigned a program with an organization here in the Netherlands. We have introduced new elements - the teach-back element (asking new hires feedback about the organisation to learn from it)

- a mentor system

- an online welcome package with movie of history of the organization 

- we kept the informal lunch with managers

We also agreed to stimulate cohorts of new hires (period of 3-4 weeks) which may meet eachother online and might organize informal lunches. It is nice to see them as a cohort. 

Hi Gwyneth,

Age UK have a commercial training department, we work with various organisations for the benefit of older people. We have found that (depending on the subject) motivated learning/experiential activities are really effective in enhancing empathy and help those who work with older people understand the challenges their patients/residents/customers may face.

Hope that helps, please contact me if you have any questions.




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