Hi everyone


I'm working on 2 new courses and am realyl struggling with a name for both of them.  I can get really creative when ti comes to the content of my courses but for some reason I get stuck with names for them! So i'm hoping that you can give me some inspiration.


The two courses are:

Treating Customers Fairly elearning - with the aim of being passionate about doing the right thing for our customers and putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.




Data Protection elearning - with the aim of taking positive action to protect customer and employee data.


Any ideas?

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Hi Sally,

The tone of your titles probably depend on the culture of the organisation, but how about something like 'Handle with care' for a data protection title (or sub-title perhaps)? I used something similar in the past.

Do you have strong concepts for the courses? If so, perhaps you can draw inspiration from the theme or concept to find a title that ties into the compliance topic too.

When I'm naming courses, I try to phrase it as a question which the learners themselves might be asking... e.g. "How do I ride a bike?" or "What is Moodle?". If possible, it can be helpful to provide a subtitle to provide further elaboration which will help the learner decide whether they need to take a course, e.g. "How do I ride a bike? This course explains the steps involved with riding a 2 wheeled bicycle without falling off". 


With your 1st example, you might like to call it "Why do we need to treat customers fairly?" or "How can we treat customers fairly?" - depending on what is likely to elicit the greater response from your learners. 


Likewise, the 2nd example could be "What is Data Protection?" or "Why is Data Protection so important?"

Hi Sally


I like "Putting the Customer at the Heart of Everything We do" because it focuses people's minds upfront about the key message - though it's quite long. Maybe  "WeCustomers! Maybe not.... Some of this depends on the culture of the organisation, whether it is formal, traditional, or a bit more irreverent.


Data Protection - that's a challenge... It's a really dull title - and most people dont think about it much until we hear that maybe our bank or personal details have been left on a bus/train/laptop in a bar. I like Handle With Care though this might suggest a manual handling course. Maybe the Handle with Care - Keeping Personal Information Private.

Customer Centricity


Building your Fortress

Sally what about "Customer Focus"  and "Protecting Information".


I personally think the title should say something about what the course is about.


Hope this helps

Ours are called... Treating Customers Fairly and Data Protection

Both, depending on your audience, might actually benefit from the 'calling a spade a spade' approach (or manaul digging device).

They usuallay just get referred to as TCF and DP anyway.

Hi Sally 


My approach is to use some marketing/advertising ideas.  So I try and think of something that is memorable and hooks people into the learning - why would they want to do the course?  But, as others have commented, this depends upon your theme and the culture of your organisation.  


So for your Data Protection it might be 'Becoming a Secret Agent' or 'The Data Protector' and for your Customer piece 'Fairness First'. 

Some fantastic ideas here everyone! thanks so much for all your thoughts!


I am on the fence at the moment.   Simon's reply "calling a spade a spade" - he has a point, regardless of what I call them, will they end up being referred to as teh TCF and DPA courses?


On the other hand, I also like "Handle with Care" and something maybe something like "The Heart of the Matter"


What does everyone think?



There have been some really good ideas posted here.  My take on this (as Simon has mentioned) has always to have a high-level course title that precisely identifies what the course is e.g. Data Protection.  By doing this there can be no ambiguity about what the course is about.  It might be 'boring' but in six months time you and the rest of your organisation will still know what the course is about!


Within the course itself though there is plenty of scope for adopting a particular "style" e.g.'Handle with care' or 'Fair play for customers.'


Hope this helps.





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